Margate Covid-19 Update

The City of Margate Mayor Becker and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg are providing this update on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Homeowners, residents and visitors are strongly urged to follow the guidance provided by Governor Murphy who has imposed additional restrictions on travel and services with the issuance of Executive Orders No. 107 and No. 108.

Travel is restricted for all non-essential and non-emergency purposes.

The travel curfew is now 24 hours with exemptions allowed for very basic needs.

All non-essential businesses are to be closed until further notice.

All essential businesses must be closed by 8pm.

The Governor also urged part-time residents to remain at their primary residences explaining that the healthcare infrastructure at the New Jersey shore lacks the capacity to handle a large influx of potentially critically ill patients during the offseason.

The health, safety and welfare of all New Jersey residents is a priority and we appreciate your cooperation.

The full text of the Governor’s orders can be found at

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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