Margate Dune Issue Advances to Governor & Army Corps

Elisa Lala from The Press of Atlantic City posted updated info about the MARGATE dune issue— Despite a 65 percent majority citizen vote Tuesday rejecting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed dune project, the battle over the city’s beachscape isn’t over.

Members of the opposition group, including its leaders former Mayor Vaughan Reale and resident Dan Gottlieb, urged Mayor Mike Becker to not only make good on his promise to side with Margate’s citizens’ vote and reject the Army Corps’ proposed project, but also to join their team in the fight for Margate’s beaches.

“It’s no longer enough for the commission to sit back and not join the project,” Gottlieb said. “It now requires decisive action to not join the project. We cannot sit back and wait for the state to dictate to us. Please send a letter to the Army Corps and DEP with the suggestion to take Margate off the (dune-building) schedule.”

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