Margate Dune, Beach and Street End Drainage Update. 3.24.2018

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No updates from the City of Margate, the NJ DEP, or the infamous Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) . So, what exactly is happening on the beaches of Margate? The only way to find out is to schlep on down to the beach and see for yourself. No worries. We’ll do that for ya…. see pics below.

To the untrained eye, it looks like the ACOE is using the City of Margate as the ultimate ‘make work’ project. This is where Federal agencies find a problem to solve, even if one never existed. Keeps many working and cashing in on the public dime.


As of MARCH 24: New, street-end drainage systems are now being installed on every beach front in Margate. These pre-cast, concrete drains / inlets, will feed thru the bulkheads into a island wide, lateral pipe that feeds into one of 5 new outfall pipes. This outfall system directs storm water, street runoff and other contaminants to flow directly into the surf where bathers frolic.

1 thought on “Margate Dune, Beach and Street End Drainage Update. 3.24.2018”

  1. Everyone should have a picture on their living room wall, of what our beaches use to look like, because this is despicable.
    I wonder how many cremated bodies were dug up and thrown onto our beaches. Somewhere in all that sand are Aunt Gertie and Uncle Harold.
    I’ve never witnessed such a travesty.

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