Margate Dune Deal With Devil. Update Oct. 6, 2017

Margate officials provided a dune update at the recent commissioners meeting on Oct 5. Kinda like an official documentation on how Margate sees the dune issue, which can then be memorialized for the historical, public record.

Over past 2 weeks, pipe were removed, then replaced. Army Corp & contractor wanted to protect pipes from recent hurricane activity. Sand is pumping once again from a dredge just off-shore, at Clarenden Ave. in Margate.

After a few more days of Margate pumping and dumping, crews from  Weeks Marine will sail the dredger & truck the pipes down to Longport, between 29th and Pelham. Dune building & beach widening in Longport will then move north. It’ll take about 19 days to reach the Margate border. The remainder of Margate’s beaches will be completed at that time.

Many Margate (and Ventnor) dune crossovers have already been completed. Lake Christie has been refilled with sand. Most dead zone flooding will likely become a non-issue.

The temporary storm water management system for Margate, required by the court, is now being installed.

WATCH recording from LIVE webcast Oct 6, 2017. 10am.

A collection of (13) discharge lines / pipe, will run under dunes & the beach, sending storm run-off to ocean. These are auto-pumps. Depending on rain / water events, they turn on and off automatically, based on depth of pooled water.

Margate is getting boxed in by State DEP & Army Corp of Engineers?

October 19 Commissioners Meeting: may vote to do deal with devil?

In order for the permanent drainage ($10 million outfall pipe & drainage system) to be completed by late Spring 2018, a number of things must occur in the next 45 days.

This is what Margate hopes to get from negotiations:

  • Drainage system paid with federal funds.
  • Street ends to be tied into beach drainage.
  • Margate will be responsible for bidding & contract.
  • Margate to be fully reimbursed by the New Jersey DEP.
  • Margate responsible for maintenance & upkeep of permanent drainage & outfall system.
  • NJ State will agree to partner in the future, in case there’s future repair expenses.
  • No obligation to take beach re-nourishment in the future.

A diversionary tactic? Have residents focus elsewhere, away from substantial downside of dune & outfall project. Instead, place focus & PR on all this free federal money.

Army Corp & DEP are fixing a street & beach drainage problem that they created. Caused by and/or exacerbated by faulty Army Corp work. Non-critical and flawed.

A 14 year old plan that was wrong from the get-go. Margate dune and beach building by the Army Corps of Engineers.

We see few (if any) homeowners in Margate celebrating. Sure, Margate gets millions…. but for work that was never needed….while the local Real Estate economy is negatively affected.

13 temporary outfalls, with auto-pumps that discharge to the ocean. This will be the short-term drainage system until the permanent outfall drainage system can be installed in Spring 2018.

Margate, DEP & Army Corp were due to meet on October 6, 2017.

We won? Millions of additional dollars. We benefited? Our street drainage is vastly improved?



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