Margate Election Season. It’s Just Getting Started.

Margate voter turnout on May 14 should get a nice bump. Margatians finally have a race to decide. Instead of a cruise to the finish line, the 3 incumbents will need to defend their turf.

A new challenger has finally emerged. He’ll take on the trio of Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg.

Calvin Tesler is running for a seat on the Margate commission.

Who can Calvin D. Tesler pick off? Which current, Margate commissioner is most vulnerable?

Calvin Tesler is a proud husband and new father. He’s also an adjunct Professor of History, Literature, and Writing at Temple, Stockton, and Rowan Universities.

For years, Tesler has vacationed and visited Margate and the Jersey Shore. Once he and his wife married, they moved to Margate full time. Like most, they fell in love with the city.

Calvin Tesler sees potential to revitalize a decreasing population in Margate.

Tesler says: The presence of a strong community, incredible public school system, and charm of the town makes us proud to raise our beautiful 5 month old daughter here. The more time I spend here, the more passionate I have become about this city and everything it has to offer.

Given my love and admiration for this town, I am running for the office of commissioner to make a difference. The City of Margate deserves change and I can provide that.

Our residents deserve transparency, clearer communication about major city projects, and meetings held when more can attend.

calvin tesler margate election 2019
Tesler Family

Tesler: If I have the honor of being your next Commissioner, I’ll work to have Margate citizens heard, and their voices valued.

  • Attracting young families to Margate
  • Maintaining a safe and affordable town for all citizens
  • Transparency (a voice for residents of Margate)
  • Education (maintaining strength of Margate schools)
  • Protecting character and charm of Margate (residential living by the sea)


2 thoughts on “Margate Election Season. It’s Just Getting Started.”

  1. Good luck! The current administration is beyond corrupt, they don’t care about the residents, all they care about are the restaurant owners and contractors that no doubt are paying them off. You will turn out since so few are able to vote and the full time residents are mostly seniors.

  2. Majority of owners are having second property in Margate. How they can vote, especially if they are not in Margate on election day?

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