Margate Engineer Updates City Commissioners on Boardwalk Project Research

On Aug 2, Margate engineer, Ed Walberg, gave a Boardwalk update to the Mayor & Commissioners. Walberg was tasked with determining early, potential pathways to building a new Margate Boardwalk.

The following is a summary of Ed’s investigation into the construction of a boardwalk along the Atlantic Avenue Beach in Margate.

Ed Walberg Margate Engineer
Ed Walberg provides engineering services to Margate

Walberg made multiple calls to NJ DEP Land Use (2) and to NJDEP CAFRA (1). To date, no call backs.

A call was made to Bill Dixon from the NJ DEP. Objective was to determine general feasibility of a Margate boardwalk project.

Speaking of Bill Dixon, Walberg also shared that he had an ‘off the record’ conversation with him during one of the past dune meetings. (see memo posted on City site) Dixon indicated that he spoke with NJDEP personnel. Dixon supposedly was told it was highly unlikely that a boardwalk could be built on the beaches of Margate. But, Dixon also indicated that no one would officially say no, without going through a formal permit process.

The NJ DEP’s Dixon also believes Margate would need to go through the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) permitting process. Note: The controversial Margate dune project was funded with Federal ‘Hurricane Sandy’ relief monies provided to the ACOE, via assistance from Congressman Frank Lobiondo.

On April 9, 2018, a letter was sent to Colleen Keller. She’s the Assistant Director of Coastal & Inland Regulation and Urban Growth- Redevelopment at the NJ DEP. As of AUG 2, 2018, Margate has not received a response from Keller.

A cost estimate was prepared for the boardwalk construction. The estimate does not include electric work or lighting, or any crossovers from the ocean side of the boardwalk, to the beach.

margate Boardwalk Walhberg AUg 2

Mr. Walberg currently serves as Executive Vice President of Remington & Vernick Engineers, overseeing offices in Atlantic and Cape May Counties. As a Professional Engineer, Mr. Walberg represents the firm in various public agencies, including municipalities, counties, and state agencies.

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  1. Glenn Klotz: FRIENDS OF THE MARGATE BOARDWALK. Information has come to us in the last few hrs. that the state document sent to Mr. Whalberg is in fact nothing more then a SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) form letter sent out to all potential applicants for Engineering Projects to the NJDEP. It’s NOT a yes or no, it’s merely the regulations. All projects are judged on their particular merits and so will this one when the time comes if it ever does.

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