Margate Filmmaker Uses Absecon Island as Stage

ventnor City NJA New York City transplant is working to knock one item off her bucket list by making a short film that not only tells a great story, but also showcases local businesses and talent, and sheds a positive light on this Absecon Island community.

Visual arts has always been part of Rachel Albanese’s repertoire. “I got my passion for movies from my dad. He was always watching movies and discussing them with the family at the dinner table,” she said.

The film, called, “Lost and Found,” will be shot in one day at Sid’s Restaurant on Ventnor Avenue near the Margate border.

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FULL STORY in Downbeach Current

Lost & Found is about a WOMAN who loses her wallet at lunch and the OWNER of the diner holds her psychologically hostage until the check is paid. How she pays for it is the catalyst in this dark comedy and what she learns about herself is at the heart of this film.

Donate to Rachel’s Project >> Making a movie isn’t cheap even if it is low budget. The more you give the more success she’ll have in completing this film. Your contribution will help cover shooting expenses which include the breakdown below. It includes costs for casting, paying the actors, hiring crew and renting equipment, make up and wardrobe, food for the cast and crew, and insurance.

Rachel is offering solid perks which can give you serious “cred” in the movie’s credits and ownership of the completed film.

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