Margate Fishing Pier Extension, Outfall Sewer Pipe Danger.

Margate Fishing Pier

At the Feb. 7 Margate Commissioners meeting: We learn that the Margate Fishing Pier has been in conversation with the NJ DEP to extend the pier by 125 ft.

The Anglers Club at Margate Fishing Pier. Exeter Ave & the beach in Margate.

NJ State is paying for the extension….with one caveat. Pier needs to have some level of public access. Listen >

Margate Fishing Pier Extension & Public Access

Private, Margate Fishing Pier

Project should start OCT 2019.

Margate Fishing Pier. It’s ‘high and dry’ most of the time.

Almost 100 yrs old. Built in 1923. The private Anglers Club of Absecon Island. Aka the Margate Pier, 99% landlocked by regular, usually wasteful beach replenishments.

Public benches could be installed along the public portion of this wooden pier. Public access would be from sunrise to sunset.

130 members pay $400 in annual fees. That provides access to the full pier, clubhouse and private lockers.

Army Corps of Engineers dredging and sand pumping left the 500-foot pier, mainly high and dry.

Margate City has concerns about liability issues.

Margate Fishing Pier

Margate Outfall Sewer Pipe Danger

The inherent dangers of Margate’s beach outfall sewer pipes. These 5, overly large pipes that collect street run-off, funnel the contaminated run-off (oil, fertilizer, animal feces, etc) directly into the Margate surf.

Now completed, the pipes have been shown to increase the risk of serious injury. Specifically: sharp, protruding bolts and other offending materials attached to the outfall sewer system on the beach.


These drainage pipes on the beach also feature protruding bolts. A clear hazard and city liability.

Margate Commissioners Discuss Dangerous Outfall Pipe Bolts

Should we cut the bolts back? There is worry about corrosion. Risk associated with breaking seal of galvanized steel.

Suggestion: Cut, re-coat & cap the protruding bolts. Will reduce chance of harm. Some bolts are already rusting and corroding.

ACOE, Army Corp of Engineers don’t want to do it. Doesn’t want to spend the time or money to handle. It’s a lot of work.

Margate will contact GIF, General Insurance Fund. There is a safety concern.

Signage has been erected: Danger. No swimming. Keep off.

Safety on the Margate Beaches.

  • Concern in regards protruding bolts.
  • What CRDA has provided
  • Corrosion hazard

4 thoughts on “Margate Fishing Pier Extension, Outfall Sewer Pipe Danger.”

  1. What has been done to the Margate beaches in the last two years is appalling! This doesn’t even include the eye sore of the machinery, the equipment, the materials, the pipes, the imconvenience and inaccessibility to the beach by people that are elderly, handicap, disabled or have young children to bring to the beach.

    Removal of all the rocks made me so sad too, as they were visible markers I appreciated when taking walks on the beach. The local government should have informed is, represented us and managed this better in the reconstruction of the beaches.

    Now when you talk about rebuilding boardwalks, allowing the permit for hotels, when we have a lack of municipal parking, no property bike racks in shopping, recreation areas or at the beaches or proposing to move Lucy, us year-round residents have to wonder, who is looking out for our community, preserving our overtaxed property and our welfare, in general?

  2. Although a resident of Ventnor, I too would like to see the Boardwalk extended over the next 5 years. As far as parking, I think that the city of Margate & the state should erect a 4 Story parking garage somewhere between Ventnor ave & the beach in Margate. The pier should be extended into deeper water. Perhaps a bond Issue will do the job???

  3. We’re in Ventnor. If the pier is extended, opened to the public and the Boardwalk is extended, my first thought is, will the public have to purchase beach tags or “Pier tags” for entry??? Oy Vey. Their reasoning is transparent. They’ll pocket the entry fees and you’ll pay more in taxes but still won’t have parking.

  4. The Pier extension was part of the deal. Extending the BW from Ventnor would also mitigate some of the less desirable side effects of the Beach Project. Of course that is a much larger issue that would ultimately need to be decided by the people of Margate.

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