Margate Full & Part-Time Home Owners Want Master Plan Input

margate master plan

Chris Baylinson, Zoning and Planning Attorney:  The goals and objectives of the Master Plan seek to make Margate less transient in the long run by providing a customer base for local businesses other than just seasonal residents. Ideally more year ’round families and actual tourists. Tourism being Margate’s only industry.

See Margate 2016 Master Plan

Editors Note: Real Estate, Home Building, Contractors and Real Estate related services make up Margate’s primary industry / economic engine.

Baylinson: While the seasonal spike of some 25,000 visitors is, without question, Margate’s economy, it doesn’t put kids on the little league field. Twenty five years ago, Margate fielded no less than 15 baseball teams between farm league, little league and senior league. Now, not even one little league team, not one. It’s things like little league that make city’s like Margate great. When you lose that, you lose why Margate became attractive in the first place.

There were several public meetings throughout the year held to discuss the Master Plan and specifically to gain input and take suggestions from the public, including seasonal residents, into Margate’s future. Unfortunately, those meetings are lightly attended.

Baylinson: We are left with defending the obviously thankless work of the governing body and Master Plan Committee from criticism typed by a few on a Facebook page from 60 miles away.

Janice Leaman: Dear Chris: Maybe Margate could do a better job of notifying it’s citizens. Margate page had nothing. Chris, the volunteer work pays off handsomely for those with business interests.

Six MASTER PLAN meetings were held between November 2015 and March 2016. Were Margate residents invited to participate? Doesn’t look like it.

Margate Masterplan input was welcomed from 6 local focus groups:

1. Restaurant Owners
2. Retail Store Owners
3. Marina District Businesses
4. Local Builder’s and Architects
5. Local Realtors and Attorney’s
6. Religious Orgs, Schools & Margate Recreation Dept.

Matgate Homeowner, Jay Weintraub: I would suggest that all Margate homeowners read the 2016 Margate City Plan. The plans are for a more transient group of people to visit and stay in Margate. We need hotels/motels and a many many short term home and apartment rentals to accomplish the goal of the new city plan.

The plan also calls for lower cost homes and apartments to house the people who will hopefully find full time employment in Margate. Less costly homes and apartments will drive down the values of our homes based on comps. Any realtor knows that!

Is our board that intent on changing our community from a residential community to a commercial community? For years we have enjoyed Margate as it is. Yes, we miss the movie theater, mini golf and bowling to name a few. However, we have the luxury of driving just a few short minutes to Ocean City where we can enjoy those activities.

Our year round community has changed from 10,000 year round residents to a low of 4700 a few years ago. We are now back to over 6,000 and growing. Many are people over the age of 55 but growing. We need doctors,dentists, chiropractors, shops to meet the needs of this growing population. Do we want Margate to change at the cost of changing our identity and the way of life we all have? Some change is necessary, not a remake.

Margate homeowners were excluded? Shouldn’t all property owners have a voice? We need to be made aware of these meetings. Many feel that decisions were made in secret sessions.

Jay Weintraub: Regarding the Margate Little League: my children, when they were kids, tried to play Margate ball. They were told no because they weren’t full-time residents.

Is Margate a town that’s inclusive? Or one that only serves a small special group? I hope it’s not the latter.

I love Margate and so do all those who own homes here, full time or seasonal. Let us all help make Margate great again.

3 thoughts on “Margate Full & Part-Time Home Owners Want Master Plan Input”

  1. Name: Naomi Sussman

    Message: I have owned a house in Margate since 2010. I also live in a Philly suburb. That means i am part of the 40 percent of Margate residents who are part time residents of Margate. Don’t I pay the same taxes as a full-time resident? And don’t the full time residents benefit from my tax dollars? So why are you downplaying comments via internet from Margate homeowners?

  2. .
    Think about this:
    A seasonal business is not the answer to our problems.
    Unfortunately Margate is tied to the hips of Atlantic City and the outlying areas. If there is no development of business in those areas then how do we expect to attract full time residents to support all year businesses. Maybe we need to consider tax abatements or some other form of enticement to get people to buy and live full time in Margate. While I fully support a Mini Golf course it is not the answer to our problem. I also do not believe the Mini Golf Course in the middle of our business district will help us. IN fact long term it will stifle growth where we need it the most.
    The Business owners need more people,agreed!To change the face of Margate without looking past our immediate borders to find growth is a foolish path to travel.
    The shoppers today are buying on line and at small community stores.
    The large retail malls are losing the anchors such a Macy’s,Bloomingdale’s and Sears to name a few.
    American Express along with countless other vendors have been promoting Small business.We have a great place to develop our small business presence.
    We could create a wonderful Central Business District as the Master Plan states that would make Margate a place to shop,eat ,see your doctor or dentist , candy stores , craft shops .,clothing stores just to name a few.
    To make Margate an amusement center for three months of business and expecting it to be our answer to our current problem is silly. We must stop thinking about the Margate of our youth. Yes it was great.
    The thinking that got us here today is stopping us from getting to where we want to go.
    Our past is now great memories. We need to move forward with forward thinking. Forward thinking!

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