Margate Grapples With Rise in AirBnB Rental Party Houses

How to control illegal rentals?

Margate rental ordinance limits vacation rentals to a week or more. Less than 7 day rentals are prohibited. Too bad many are ignoring this local Margate law.

Neighbors complaining about the growing amount of so-called ‘animal houses’. Large groups are renting properties for a weekend.

Margate Commissioners told that specific rental “party houses” are ignoring occupancy regulations.

Listen to Margate Commissioners Discuss Party Houses

Some AirBNB rental properties disrupt Margate neighborhoods.

Citizen feedback: They openly ignore city ordinance. One six-bedroom home advertised on AirBNB that it sleeps up to 12 people. We counted 20 guests that showed up. Each in their own car. Ready for a weekend party. Woo-hoo.

Drinking. Loud music. Pot smoking. Renting by the day & weekend. Hurting Margate’s image as a residential community.

Call the cops, says Margate Commissioner John Amodeo. It’s up to the neighbors to notify Margate Police.

The esteemed Margate solicitor shrugged. John Scott Abbott says he knows about the problem. Abbott recommends calling the police.

How is Margate Code Enforcement handling illegal rental homes?

Ventnor recently passed an ordinance forcing renters to obtain a short-term rental permit.

Margate rental rules say that property owners obtain an annual rental license for $100.

The Margate Building Department conducts an inspection within 10 days of receiving an rental application.

  • Looking to ensure the property meets national property maintenance codes.
  • Does property have CO; Certificate of Occupancy and smoke detectors?
  • How many occupants allowable based on number of bedrooms and square footage?
  • Rental property owners can lose their rental license for violations, especially renting to more than maximum occupancy.

10 thoughts on “Margate Grapples With Rise in AirBnB Rental Party Houses”

  1. Is the photo a Margate home rental? Vacation home rentals have been going on for many, many years, both short term and long term. Imagine the condition of the already foreclosure-ridden area without the ability to rent homes. I say embrace the trend as it’s the #1 way millennials like to travel. If someone is breaking the law call the police. Any responsible homeowner would want you to.

    1. It is not. The Downbeach Buzz is just stirring the pot.
      Maybe if people didn’t count every guest going into their neighbor’s house they would be happier and more fulfilled rather than being angry about people enjoying a weekend.
      Owners should abide by rental ordinances.
      Guests should abide by noise ordinances.
      Neighbors should be a good neighbor and stay out of your neighbors business until it effects you.

  2. Will only get fixed if the 3 Amigos get paid off, their corruption is epoch! As good as our Police are, they do as ordered and we all know who runs the police.

  3. If the police are called, everyone should be forced to leave immediatel and not come back. The owner should get the maximum fine allowed by law, and the owner should never be allowed to rent. This problem should be handled as forcefully as possible in addition to arrests when warranted.
    People, today, do not understand being nice and second chances. The kids think it is a joke. Just come to Margate Memorial Day weekend and you will see what I mean.

    1. You can only evict someone with a court order. Are you really suggesting we pay the costs to get a court order every time some nosy neighbor gets annoyed that 5 cars are parked on their otherwise empty street?
      Also, the renters aren’t the ones responsible for complying with the ordinances the homeowner is.

      1. If we remove the allure of renting the houses for these parties, then the renters will leave on their own accord. Okay, don’t force them to leave, arrest them and charge them with disorderly conduct, and anything else within the confines of the law. Kids will not want to be bothered with properties that adhere to the law and are being watched by police. They will want to leave Margate and go somewhere else. Who cares? Do we need them anyway? They only care about their personal enjoyment and disrupting the enjoyment of others.

  4. Margate Charlie

    I just hope the owner of the house shown has paid his home owners insurance. I see eight people on that addition roof, three with skateboards about to roll off the roof. The owners best hope is that the only damage is a ripped up roof and not someone breaking an arm or a leg.

    The commercial DJ setup is a nice addition to a neighborhood, I’m sure they keep the music under the 30 decibel rule like Ventura’s does.

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