Margate High-Rise & Water Park on Planning Board Agenda

Margate Planning Board

Controversial development plans brewing once again regarding Ventura’s Green House.

As you may recall back in 2018, a towering condo-hotel at Ventura’s Greenhouse was quietly planned. That’s until the neighbors got wind of it.

Mayor Becker, along with Margate Commissioners Amodeo & Blumberg smartly retreated. Listen here >

Commissioners Retreat. 2018.

Return of hi-rise discussions in Margate.

On Thursday, June 25, Roger McLarnon of the Margate Planning Board will introduce a proposed zoning change and amendment to Margate’s Master Plan.

Allegedly, Margate leadership wants to allow construction of even taller buildings, possibly rising to a height of 120 feet.

Angry neighbors squashed 2018 project.

Margate Planning Board meeting. Thurs, June 25 at 6:30p via video conferencing here: > Public can access audio of live meeting by calling (646) 749-3122 – Access Code: 832-037-501 – Meeting agenda can be found at

Amherst Ave. Aqua Park in Margate also on agenda for June 25.

The applicant, Maggie Day of Stone Harbor, seeks to install inflatable play equipment in the water adjacent to Amherst Ave, creating “in-water aqua park”.

Temporary and seasonal inflatable play equipment located within a perimeter of 6’ wide floating access walkways. Dredging of area will occur.

The proposed “aqua park” is a permitted use within the Margate Waterfront Special District (WSD).

As part of the proposed plan of development, the majority of the existing marina structures and approximately 20 boat slips will be removed.

No variances are required as part of this application.

Question on many minds: where are the bathrooms?

Margate Taxpayer

The applicant has obtained all required state and federal approvals in connection with this proposed use, including a Waterfront Individual Permit dated August 21, 2019.

The applicant seeks to convert the existing marina into an “in water aqua park” with proposed temporary and seasonal inflatable play equipment located within a perimeter of 6’ wide floating access walkways.

According to Margate Planning Board documents, this project may require a traffic study to be included with the planning board application. Existing boat slips should be calculated to show the deficiencies in existing parking.

Margate Planning Board Members

Richard PattersonChairman
Michael RichmondVice Chairman
Michael S. BeckerMayor, Commissioner of Public Works
Tom CollinsMayor’s Designee
Jim GalantinoBoard Member, Construction Official
Michael CristaldiBoard Member
Joe DiGirolamoBoard Member
Margaret Guber-NultyBoard Member
Craig PalmisanoBoard Member
Remy PelosiBoard Member
Clem WasleskiBoard Member
Ron GruppoBoard Member
Steven JasieckiBoard Member

21 thoughts on “Margate High-Rise & Water Park on Planning Board Agenda”

  1. Will there be social distancing this summer?
    Parking will be a terrible mess.
    What will the hours of operation be?
    What will they do about bathrooms?
    Will it obscure the view of the beautiful sunsets?

  2. What time will pumps start to function?

    Will There be overly loud music, which would be offensive, to cover up noise of pumps?

    1. Why is the water park up for discussion tonight, when they already installed the surrounds docks for the location. I doubt the owner would spend the money to have these installed if they didn’t already know it was certain to happen. I’m neither for or against the project , but I think it’s insulting for the board to pretend that it’s still up for discussion when in fact it’s already been decided. Now as far as the high rise is concerned , this would be the end of Margate as we know it. I think the residents need to hire investigators to look into the benefits board members will receive to push the high rise through.

  3. I’ve been opposed to raising the height limit in Margate for the past 50 yrs. and I’ve have been to many meetings in the years since it was imposed asking various Commission’s to keep it in place. I don’t feel any different about it today then I did 50 yrs. ago. If the limit is raised the door will swing wide open for all kinds of development above the present limit and I believe other areas of Margate will likely be put under pressure by developers and others to increase density and to change the height limit in those zones as well. It was a bad idea back then allowing Hi rises in Margate and it’s an even worse idea today.

  4. I think it’s great more they will pay more taxes and that way it will help the city hire more employees on the payroll and increase the pension cost and will increase the prescription plan costs

  5. No high rise on the beach. It will change Margate from a community of homes to a commercial zone.
    Where will people park for the water park. Amherst is awful now for parking.

  6. Yoi let those projects happen, and the charm of Margate will be gone forever. It will be another Ocean City or Myrtle Beach. Say a firm NO to the idea of the highrises and the water park!!!

  7. I’d like to see an investigation of the Committee members to see who is getting paid off. We all know each of our Commissions are business owners that benefit financially from continued increased density. At what point to these clowns get voted out! The town has signficantly increased density in the past 15 years with all of the new, massive homes being build where ranches once sat on many lots in Margate. More condos?! This administration has gone too far with this proposal! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  8. Michael Richman

    These proposals are obscene. We loved going to the bay to watch nature. You will ruin that beautiful space.
    The residence of Margate should not be punished by another high rise. It will totally change the nature of the community for the worse. I have been here since 1963 and love it. Do not ruin it

  9. Joe Bagadonuts

    Amherst Ave is the worst street on the entire island. Another traffic study, give me a break. Each board member should be required to stand on the sidewalk on any section of Amherst Ave for 15 minutes and watch the traffic speed by at 40+MPH all day long, you don’t need a traffic study, we need some common sense and real leadership.

  10. The planning board will do what ever Becker what’s. He assigns them! He ownes them. You can thank Margate’s three commissioners; sleep, dopey and grumpy! Wonder how much money they lined their pockets. And don’t forget John Abbott’s part!

    Mark my words, the Glasshouse will sell to a developer and there will be a high rise built there.

    Time for a change AND to get rid of the present Margate Management.
    The residents of Margate better wake up before any more useless changes are made.
    The commissioners only care about how much they can line their pockets.

  11. Agree with everyone – Margate is not Ocean City and nor should it ever be!

    I understand change is inevitable, but let’s make changes that make our town something to be proud of. Starting with changes to the present management.

    The miniature golf course was the first step in the downhill slope – let’s stop it now before we hit rock bottom!

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