Margate Homeowners Assoc Recap: Growing Membership, Fall Fun Fest & Rebuilding Boardwalk

Weintraub addresses MHA members.

WATCH VIDEO: Over 100 in attendance for the Margate Homeowners Association meeting on Sat Feb 15 at Katz JCC on Jerome Ave.

Margate Commissioners reluctantly paying attention to the growing influence of the MHA.

Margate Homeowners Association. Join over 310 dues-paying members. A growing, collective that is tough to ignore. WATCH VIDEO:

Margate Boardwalk Glenn Klotz
Glenn Klotz & Boardwalk Committee

Glenn Klotz and Margate Boardwalk Committee led by Glenn Klotz provided update on efforts to rebuild the ocean-front boardwalk.

MHA VP Marc Alch introduced Ed Berger, President of Margate Business Association.

To their credit, Ed Berger and the Margate Business Association admitted their mistake with scheduling Fun Fest on a Jewish high holy day.

Ed Berger Margate Business Association
Ed Berger of MBA

Mr. Berger announced new dates for Fall Fun Fest 2020. No longer competing with observance of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Berger via press release: The general consensus of the clergy and members of the community we spoke with, which included almost every Rabbi and local Jewish Organization (see below), was that it would be better if we shifted the event forward a week to the Saturday and Sunday before Yom Kippur, Sept. 26-27, as opposed to running it Sept. 19-20.

Glenn Klotz of the Margate Boardwalk Committee announced new petitions.

Like it or not, Klotz is looking to bring a vote, for or against, a new boardwalk. Eligible voters in Margate can sign these petitions.

Boardwalk Committee requested that poll be taken of all taxpaying residents. Do 2nd homeowners support rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk? Many think so.

5 thoughts on “Margate Homeowners Assoc Recap: Growing Membership, Fall Fun Fest & Rebuilding Boardwalk”

  1. Thx for this info.
    Questions on BW cost number presented in this video of $220 per approx. $527,000 tax base stated by BW Committee financial officer –Can we get the “specs from three firms” the BW committee based this number on. There are 10 to 12 parcels of beach privately owned. What are costs for litigation for governmental condemnation? Is there proof this largely recreational BW satisfies a public use and if so the owners have to be compensated for the taking of their land and was this all factored into #? What about cost of interference with use and enjoyment lawsuits when BW runs very close to some houses? There is also a complex pipe drainage system installed by the Army Corp of Engineers. This includes stormwater mains that could conflict with the BW. The DEP and Army Corp have jurisdiction and this requires permitting process and their authorization. What are the total estimated costs for the engineering studies and permits and was that factored into #? What would be the timeline and resources necessary to negotiate which streets in Margate would bear the brunt of the needed infrastructure and ADA issues? Was cost of necessary environmental impact study req by law factored in? Is there a neutral ( not hired expert for one side) impact study to the community for adding these amenities: would it attract out of town day-trippers with associated parking issues, crowd issues, crime issues, traffic so we have facts.
    BW must be put in context of other urgent capital improvements projects on the horizon that may also cause additional tax burden what are those? What are actual costs for police/security/fire cost, BW inspection cost, utility costs lighting water, cleaning and maintenance costs, Increased Insurance premiums and increase liability for lawsuits, excessive sand buildup removal, Cost to maintain storm management systems due to BW obstructing access. Can we get ALL ACTUAL COSTS that went into $220 calculation to make an informed decision on the petition?

    1. zBoardwalk – why? A very costly stupid idea.
      Instead, get rid of the fiasco called the dunes.

      If I pay taxes why don’t I have say in the matters of the community.
      A disgrace.

  2. Suspect only a limited number of 2nd residents support fool hearty Boardwalk rebuild. Focus on real issues facing margate rather than trying to create new catastrophes.

  3. I think the boardwalk project is a great but know that any project that involves government, especially these 3 corrupt Amigos will cost 2X and take 2X time to complete. Trust me, their cronies will all get paid. Eyes wide open folks!!

  4. Our esteemed Commissioner of “Safety”, John Amodeo, left us a taped phone message on how Margate is handling the Corona virus Pandemic. And where is he? In Florida!!!!! Does anyone else feel that the person who holds this office should NOT be away in Florida at least 6 months of the year????

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