Margate Homeowners Association Discussing Waterpark Rumors

Margate Aquapark Waterpark
Aqua Park Coming to Margate?

Jay Weintraub, President of the MHA started to post about the potential of a Margate water park last December. He’s posted about it many times since.

An Aqua Park in Margate could include a blob launch pad, climbing wall, cliff and more.

Traci Whitaker McDonald says: This will be located on the bay next to where captain Andy’s used to be. In talking with Island Adventures, they told me they purchased the land on the bay next to captain Andy’s. So essentially there are two projects going on, on the bay: the construction of the building which I believe is still slated to be offices, restaurant, apartment(s) at the old captain Andy’s and this new water adventure area next door.

According to Weintraub: The Margate Planning Board meeting that was to hear from the developer asking for a variance to build this water park was not made public to all of those in Margate.

Many property owners were not given the opportunity to speak for or against the Margate waterpark project. Voices are being kept silent.

Weintraub: I’m sure the attorney who represented the water park stacked the room with people in favor of the project. Once again, another project pushed through in the off-season, in the dark of night. Transparency is non existent. Voices were silenced, whether for or against a waterpark.

aqua park

The Margate Homeowners Associaton is looking for volunteers. They would like to keep tabs on the Margate Planning Board, the School Board, and the Margate Commissioners. Agendas, meeting minutes, etc. The goal is to post their findings, with commentary, on the MHA website, well in advance of meetings.

Better community oversight. Keep Margate boards (planning, school & commissioners) in check.

Take note: The legal notices are sent to property owners within 200 feet of the point of variance. They must be sent no less than 10 days in advance of the Planning Board meeting. One potential tactic is to mail the certified letters on Friday at 4:45 pm. This would count as one of the 10 days. Most property owners will not receive notices for at least three more days. Saturday, Sunday, then Monday. If they’re not home to sign for the letter, that could add an additional day or two. By now, at least 4 of the required 10 days, have passed. Crafty, huh?

Each recipient must now go to the Post Office to retrieve and sign for their letter. Now within the next 6 days or less which will now include the following weekend, the property owners must mount their plan for or against.

Not a fair system. However, that is the law. Unfortunately other than those people, no one else knows what is happening.

Saturday August 25th at 10:00 am. Ross School. The next public, summer meeting of 2018 of the MHA. Our voice as a united group is much louder and stronger, as compared to one voice speaking alone. Both full time and part time residents are encouraged to attend.

Emily Zaidan: Let me tell you–if Margate was my secondary residence, I would make Margate my voting location. Seems THIS is where the votes are needed to make a difference. Voting in these smaller towns can be influenced much more than in the big cities and suburbs.

Jay Weintraub: That is a great point. However, for many that can also present a tax problem for some and has to be considered before your voting residence is declared.

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