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Margate Homeowners Association Downbeach
The Voice of Margate Homeowners

Looks like Jersey Shore and Downbeach homeowners are finally waking up and speaking up. After seeing success of taxpayer associations in towns like Ocean City, Avalon and Brigantine, a group of Margate homeowners decided they should do the same, and take a cue from their coastal cousins.

In 2018, a handful of both full and part-time Margate homeowners got together to form a coalition. They decided to leverage their collective voices and launch an association.

The Margate Homeowners Association was formed to create a more comprehensive, unified voice to help steer the direction of this Downbeach town.

IN 2018, resident Jay Weintraub and other concerned taxpayers officially formed the Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey.

Weintraub recently wrote on the Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) website: The vision of MHA board members and trustees is to make Margate a better place to live and visit. Our collective voices are getting stronger. Our hope is that Margate City officials will listen to us as a group of concerned citizens.

Margate Homeowners Assn. Board of Directors
Margate Homeowners Assn. Board of Directors

Why The Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey Was Formed.

Excerpts and thoughts from MHA’s Jay Weintraub:

In April of 2018, a small group of 4 people met for coffee. We discussed ways in helping make Margate better for all. We decided to create an association for all homeowners, both full and part-time, as well as those who rent and live in Margate, NJ.

Primary Margate Homeowners Association Objective: Have our voices heard by elected city officials. We will no longer be ignored.

The MHA began with weekly meetings over the next two months. We then had on a Saturday morning late in June we rolled out our first public meeting at the Ross School. We expected and hoped that maybe 100 people would join us. We never expected that well over 325 people would attend our meeting. Talk about excitement. You came and listened to us. We listened to you.

Margate Homeowners Assn. DOWNBEACH
First Public Meeting of MHA

We contacted Margate’s Mayor Becker to discuss your immediate concerns. The City of Margate stepped up and helped with temporary bike racks at many beach entrances. The city also did their best to clean up the dune walkways. They also installed blue Mobi mats where they could. These mats make it easier to traverse the soft, hot sand. It should be noted that the Army Corps of Engineers should be handling things like these.

Many had concerns regarding the Margate Commissioners attempt to change the beaches around Lucy the Elephant. Development was planned to allow building out onto the beach. You mobilized as a group. Well over 300 concerned citizens packed the Old Historic Building on Washington Ave for the commissioners meeting. The 3 Margate commissioners saw your outrage. They smartly pulled that matter from discussion. The motion was defeated. YES, YOU WERE HEARD!

We’re so fortunate to have community members helping. They’re working hard to inform and share. They keep track of upcoming Planning Board and Commissioners meetings, as well as meeting agendas.

The MHA Facebook page has grown to over 700 followers. As a new organization, we’re getting bigger and stronger by the day. We’ve accomplished so much in just over six months.

On Saturday February 16 at 10A at the Margate Library, the Margate Homeowners Association will have our 1st public meeting of 2019.

Please join us. Hear our plans for the upcoming year. Share your ideas and concerns. We need volunteers. The MHA would like to add an additional trustee as well.

We’re looking to partner with elected Margate City officials. Not start a fight. Let’s fight together… and not against each other. We can make a difference.

The 2019 Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey Board of Directors:

  • Jay Weintraub, President
  • Marc Alch, First Vice President
  • Linda Novelli, Second Vice President
  • David Grossman, Treasurer
  • Justin Abate, Secretary
  • Anthony Amerandino, Trustee

Editors Note: As the number of full-time residents decline, the smaller the number of voting residents there is. In other words, a smaller & smaller group of taxpayers with voting rights, are responsible for key decisions, like….how to spend that growing bucket of taxpayers dollars. Approx 70% of Downbeach tax revenue comes from part-time homeowners with no voting rights.

With close to 75% of Jersey Shore taxpayers unable to vote, should towns like Margate, Ventnor & Longport at least provide greater levels City government transparency?

While that answer should clearly be yes, there are towns that still make big decisions with limited public awareness. Clunky websites, limitations  of Social Media and declining newspaper / radio coverage contribute to confusion and ignorance of key city matters.

With inexpensive tech, there’s really no reason why ALL city governments shouldn’t follow what’s happening in towns like Ocean City, NJ.

A group of Ocean City taxpayers just relaunched their ‘Fairness in Taxes‘ website. The FIT website is much like a homeowners association. It keeps an eye on city government. Holds them accountable for their actions.


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  1. This is great, every resident in Margate should belong and participate in some capacity. The article is correct, fewer voters make all of the decisions, 2nd homeowners have no say, this could help!

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