Margate Homeowners Association To Meet FEB 16. All Invited.

Margate Homeowners
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Margate homeowners will once again meet to take on the future of their beloved Jersey shore town.

The MHA, Margate Homeowners Association will meet on Saturday Feb 16, at 10a… the Margate Public Library.

It’s the 1st public meeting of MHA for 2019, with more to come.

The meeting is open to all homeowners, renters, members and Margate general public.

Need a voice in Margate? MHA can help.

The Margate Homeowners Association is lead by President, Jay Weintraub. The Bucks County, Pa. financial planner by trade, has lived in Margate for the past 24 years.

MHA: motivate city leadership to be more inclusive of both full and part-time property owners.

  • Margate full-time residency hovers around 6,000. The upcoming 2020 census may point to lower numbers.
  • Margate population swells to well over 40,000 during the peak summer season.
  • Almost 75% of Margate taxpayers can’t easily vote in local elections…or at the very least, have a seat at the table.

With all 3 incumbent Margate commissioners currently running unopposed, it’s more important than ever for taxpayers to keep up the pressure. All elected leaders need some level of opposition and dissenting viewpoint. Otherwise, things can get sloppy real fast.

Politicians need skeptics. Either from others on the board, or the community as a whole. MHA is one such example of that skepticism / oversight / respectful push-back.

MHA Founders Better representation of interests and concerns. Making Margate a better place to live and visit. Membership is open to all people owning residential real estate in Margate City, NJ. Share concerns and opinions of all Margate Homeowners whether full-time or seasonal resident.

6 thoughts on “Margate Homeowners Association To Meet FEB 16. All Invited.”

  1. The new dunes were put in with no consideration of the disabled or seniors
    Thankfully a few years ago you put a gate in at Adams Ave so me and others like me would not have to walk steps
    But now with the dunes we can no longer get threw
    We were told that there would be an opening with rubber mat but of course that never happened which ment that plenty of people couldn’t go to the beach wake up and correct your mistakes

  2. Are they planning to install new jetties? I would think the simplest of engineers would understand the science behind anchoring sand on the beach.

    1. Your referring to groins not jetties. Jetties are what are placed at the entrances to inlets. New groins are no longer built in NJ as of the late 1970s. They do not build beaches. They merely trap sand and starve the beach down current. Jetties are built to keep inlets open by creating a jet of water to stop sand from silting up in an inlet. They also destroy beaches down drift by stopping sand from migrating from Island to Island disrupting the natural system that creates beaches.

  3. If someone is a Jewish Sabbath observer the scheduled time is especially inconvenient. Not only is it the Sabbath but the morning is when one should be at Synagogue. Early afternoon would at least afford one the opportunity to walk to the library and attend the meeting. While it is a good weekend to do it. I am sure it was an innocent oversight on the part of the schedulers.

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