Margate Homeowners Association UPDATE

margate homeownersThe Margate Homeowners Association (MHA) working hard all winter to keep everyone informed of city matters and projects.

The MHA board will soon meet to discuss winter, spring and summer season plans.

Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey

The Margate Home Owners Association is now looking to set up a board of trustees. They’re hoping an attorney will join to help with legal guidance.

They will be setting a date for a public MHA meeting in the near future. The meeting is open to ALL who own homes or rent in Margate.

The Margate Homeowners Association has over 300 dues-paying members.

Your voices are growing stronger every day. The MHA presence is seen and felt at every commissioners and planning board meeting in Margate.

The Margate City administration is listening as evidenced by some changes we’ve seen recently.

The MHA is open to hear your suggestions and concerns.


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