Margate Homeowners Meeting, Feb 15

Margate Homeowners Assn. DOWNBEACH
Margate Homeowners Assoc.

Margate Homeowners will meet on Saturday, Feb 15, 2020 at the Katz JCC on Jerome Ave. from 11a – 12:30p. Everyone is invited. Meeting is open to the public.

MHA President Jay Weintraub will provide overview regarding MHA programs.

• CPR Program. Sunday, June 14th.
• National Honor Society beach cleanup. Saturday, June 6th.
• Bike Safety program with Margate Police Department

WOW. The Margate Homeowners Association now has over 310 paid members. Join here.

Ed Berger the President of the MBA will address concerns regarding upcoming Fall Fest.

Glenn Klotz will have a short presentation regarding status of proposed Margate Boardwalk rebuild.

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OPEN MIC> There will be time for you to share concerns and ideas.

Weintraub: MHA increasing level of communication with Margate Commissioners. Making slow and steady progress. Our voices are getting stronger. Takes time and we are patient. We may not always agree.

Thanks to MHA sponsors. Casels Market, The Pet Salon, Nix Salon & Spa and Apex Prime Realty.

SAVE THE DATE: Nest meeting of MHA will be Saturday, June 13. More details to come.

1 thought on “Margate Homeowners Meeting, Feb 15”

  1. Kudos to the MHA, I would have to think a lot of hard work goes into it. The shame is shouldn’t the corrupt 3 Amigos be apart of MHA, aren’t they Margate homeowners too? This wonderful little town is so rotten and corrupt on the inside eventually it will come home to roost. Maybe someday it will change but unlikely before lasting damage is done.

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