Margate Longevity Pay, Boat Checks, Zoning Changes

The three Margate Commissioners met on June 16. They announced contract terms and compensation for the Margate City Clerk position.

Here’s comp package for Margate City Clerk:

Base pay of $115,000 in year #1. In year #2, a $10,000 raise brings that total to $125,000.

  • Health insurance
  • 22 vacation days each year
  • 15 sick days each year.

Vacation days roll over to next year. Must be used by Ap 1.

City Clerk position can may accumulate up to 100 unused sick days, which gets paid out at retirement. Former NJ Gov Chris Christie referred to these payouts as ‘boat checks‘, where former city employees take the large checks and sometimes buy a boat.

Margate is still one of a few towns that provides controversial ‘longevity pay’ which can add $15,000 to a person’s annual salary. Longevity pay is a bonus to public employees for continued employment. The longer an employee works, the larger the longevity bonus is.

Margate Planning and Zoning, Decks and Fences.

Amendments to ordinances. Listen.

Design standards governing swimming pool fences.

Allow front yard fences? The front yard fences must be on private property.

Front yard retaining walls permitted for flood damage prevention? 18 inches high.

Planning Board applications and all supporting documentation be submitted electronically on a thumb drive in PDF format. Files will be posted on city’s website in advance of public hearings.

Permit third floor decks with restrictions. Deck no greater than 50% of area of decks below. Must comply with other design elements for single and multi-family units. Revising definition of a deck.

Public hearings on ordinances to be held 4p Thursday, July 7 at Historic City Hall, 1 S. Washington Ave.

4 thoughts on “Margate Longevity Pay, Boat Checks, Zoning Changes”

  1. Janisgoldstein

    That is a huge increase, do tax payers have a vote on this. That’s quite a golden parachute for a small town.

  2. When I built my home there in 2007 your town officials told me no duplex . So years later when you need more tax money the damn things are stacked on top of each other everywhere. That’s okay though I have another home twice as large in another town not that far away . Maybe your officials should be investigated for theft or conspiring to steal from taxpayers!

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