Margate Mayor Grapples With Growing Safety, Financial Concerns

Margate Tequila Bar Mayor Collins

The controversial Tequila Sunrise Roof Top Party Deck was discussed at the recent Margate Commission meeting. Safety issues and property values are major concerns at this property owned by Dana Hiltner (Hartman) and Brian Hiltner.

Owners were fined $2,000 for not following approved construction site-plans and allegedly ignoring a work stoppage order. Residents asking if $2,000 fine was paid.

Listen to audio from June 20, 2024 Margate Commission meeting:

Resident talked with Margate Fire Chief Adams about property’s fire safety. Proposed Tequila Bar and roof-top party deck can safely hold  276 people?

No employee parking. Concerns for resident safety. Porta-potty on sidewalk. Sloppy work site.

NOTE: Mayor Mike Collins selects all members of the Margate Planning Board.

Public Comment: Planning Board insulting residents? Especially attorney representing Tequila Bar developer.

Neighbors are concerned about a lowering of home values. A late night, noisy, roof top bar could bring chaos to this quiet part of town. Even the Margate Business Chamber president acknowledged lower home values near noisy bars.

Property values never go down in Margate? Check the public record. I had to move away from South Washington Ave in 2020. I’ve lost $85,000. I’m at peace now. I now live on S Adams Ave.

Developer Steve Baglivo Margate Gardens Apartment Complex. Mayor Collins has yet to update residents on investigation into potential safety and non-compliant building concerns. Are there 6 or 12 units in that complex? Read latest Baglivo Apartment Complex story here.

Construction site security / trespass. With so much new construction and short term rental activity, how well managed are these properties? See video of recent trespass.

Construction site safety. 30 yr veteran code enforcement officer Jim Galantino fell down unsecured elevator shaft. Will Margate crack down on hazardous site conditions? Read full story here.

Should Margate Taxpayers fund $3.2 million gas station purchase? Will parking lot be multi-level? Pay to park? Parking permit needed? Will a public hearing be held? Does Revenue & Finance Commissioner Maury Blumberg approve of this expense? Details murky at best.

Mayor Collins didn’t join Ventnor in condemnation of Atlantic City school district superintendent LaQuetta Small. The wife of AC mayor Marty Small is accused of brutally abusing her teenage child. Residents agree that Small should step down. Residents asking: Why is Margate Mayor Michael Collins OK with allowing Small to oversee safety of thousands of vulnerable school students?

Note: Margate Mayor Mike Collins still blocking live video access to public meetings. Summer residents not happy to hear there’s only one Commission meeting in July, not two. July 18 is next Margate commissioners meeting.

Fun Fact: Stop into Colmar Hardware where you can chat with both the Mayor of Margate and the Mayor Ventnor. Both work there. Collins and Kriebel. Build baby build!

Margate doing bare minimum to comply with open meetings act and sunshine laws. Legal notices are only published in low circulation Press of AC and Newark Star Ledger. Mayor Collins still says no to using free, effective, legal notice email alerts. Second homeowners, who make up 75% of Margate tax revenue, are not being effectively notified.


Sunrise Tequila Roof-Top Party Deck. Margate Special Meeting, MAY 15.


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  1. Well, I guess some issues are going in Margate?

    Maybe we should ask Lucy the elephant what she thinks of much of this?

    I was wondering since this site covers down beach consisting of Ventnor, Margate and Longport, why is it that the bulk of the stories involve Margate.

    Not as much going on in Ventnor?

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