Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar?

Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar? 1 Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar?

A beach bar serving liquor with live music. Lack of proper NJ DEP permits. Margate scrambling to change the rules.

Ventura’s Greenhouse alleged ‘illegal’ beach bar has been active since 2020. It’s very popular. Paying the annual NJ DEP fines is just a cost of doing business?

Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar? 2 Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar?

Live music at the con-compliant beach bar is way beyond the 60 decibel noise limit.

Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar? 3 Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar?

While Margate has rules about noise, the city has no device to monitor this sound. Thus, no penalty for the business owner. Neighbors can go pound sand.

Public comment: Just wait for the planned Sunrise Tequila Bar Roof-top party deck.

Ventura’s attorney Eric Goldstein deftly deals with NJ DEP and CAFRA regulations.


Margate Mayor Collins and esteemed solicitor John Scott Abbott seemingly supportive of the non-compliant beach bar?

June 2023 consent order was signed. Ventura’s Green House was obligated to file for a CAFRA permit.

Read more about strict NJ DEP and CAFRA rules:

Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar? 4 Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar?


21 thoughts on “Margate Mayor Supports Non-Compliant Beach Bar?”

  1. If you want quiet and solitude, I recommend you go to the Poconos, not the Jersey shore. Margate has only 1 beach bar, and zero roof top bars – currently. All for keeping the summer fun!

  2. Fred Tamburrino

    The greenhouse is one of the cleanest and nicest beach bars in Margate. Leave the man alone let them do business.

  3. Maz of Margate

    Give me a break. If they have the alcohol permits leave it be. Need good places to stay and attract people to the area to see how beautiful.

    Margate should be doing what it can to support local businesses not shut them down. One beach bar between margate, longport, what’s the issue? Peoples kids screaming at the beach are more of an issue with decibels I am sure up there. Should be we fine them too?

    Who is ever complaining maybe needs to go out and have some fun and stop walking around using a decibel meter to cause issues for folks. Give me a break.

    Should they have a permit if needed? yes.

    Change the outdated rules?

    Support the mayor in looking to change something that needs to change with the times to support the city and local businesses.

    1. Brilliant post. Spot on. Clean up the administrative details, pay the costs and fines. Keep the jobs, fun and TAXES that come from this business

  4. This is an example of how society has degraded. If your not screaming your lungs out, half naked, with pink hair, 20,000 tattoos, on drugs and in a drunken stupor, you’re not having fun. And, if you think something ought to be rained back, you are castigated.

    1. I’ve been there many times, had fun, and never screamed my lungs out. I don’t have hair (pink or otherwise) or tattoos. I guess some might consider a bathing suit as half naked, so I check that box

  5. The May, 2024 letter from DEP cc’s Ken Mosca as city admin.
    Duhhh….Mosca left in January 2024.
    Shows you the ineptness of this State Agency.

  6. Wah, I hear too much noise in my beach mansion. Wah I’m going to cry about it. Doent everybody know I’m wealthy and should get my way ? Stay at home in Cherry Hill or Middletown in the summer should be nice and quiet ’cause everyone is at the beach bar.

  7. Order a Decibel Meter from Amazon for $29.99! For that price, order two!
    And what is it about “compliance” that is so difficult for people to understand when they cross the border into Margate? Why is it so hard to enforce in this town?

    1. People love to complain. Let’s be grateful we are able to be at the beach! If you don’t like the beach bar, don’t go. If you don’t like noise, don’t buy a home near a beach bar!

          1. Ohhh, you’re playing your “Local” card. Sherlock, you couldn’t be more wrong. And that attitude, as smug as you seem, serves no good purpose; ask the lady from the Kelce encounter.

  8. I’m for Margate sticking to some kinda rules! The administration is as shady as they come. It’s “who you are” as to whether or not you’re “in compliance “ with random rules.

    With that said, the beach bar is FABULOUS & should be supported.

    People will always have something to complain about! Otherwise, they’re not happy 🤷🏼‍♀️

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