Margate Mini-Golf Attraction Still Facing Neighbor Push-Back

Doesn’t sound right calling this attraction ‘mini-golf’. There’s nothing miniature about it. From what we could see as of Sat, April 14, the soon-to-be ‘Congo Falls’ golf is gonna be one hell of a business.

Multi-levels, tunnels of some sort, a visual fun-fest that can’t be missed if you drive down Ventnor Ave. in Margate.

While kids will go bonkers seeing this sizable fun zone, there are still those who live nearby saying……. ‘not so fast, looks like proper procedure may not have been followed’. Well, that’s the chatter we hear.

A few neighbors, some that live on Adams Ave. next to the course, believe there’s still plenty of juice left in their legal battle. They want the project to stop, or at the very least, keep Congo Falls from becoming too big, bulky and problematic.

Hours of operation is one such concern. Property values is another.

We shall see.

In the meantime, take a gander at the construction going on right now…. Congo Falls wants to open by June, from what we hear.

1 thought on “Margate Mini-Golf Attraction Still Facing Neighbor Push-Back”

  1. There have already been problems with young people congregating noisily outside Wawa and CVS- so much so that Wawa had to hire security to police their parking lot last year. This mini-golf makes no sense. The individuals who approved this must live blocks away at the north end of Margate.
    One more thing: Where are they planning to put the parking garage they’re going to need?

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