Margate Needs More Dredge Cash, Will Ventnor OK Shelter Island Plan?

What happened to the dredging money set aside for Margate’s back bay? Will Ventnor OK Shelter Island deal? These are just a few of the topics discussed during the Margate Commissioner Meeting of DEC. 2, 2021.

City Engineer Ed Dennis still swimming in dredge permit application stuff. Still deciding where the dredge spoils will go.

Ventnor needs to OK Margate’s plan to dump dredge spoils into the watery holes on ‘Shelter Island’. Margate shares this back bay parcel with Ventnor.

Margate Mayor Michael Becker wants to know if Ventnor has signed off on the project yet. That answer is no. A future meeting is still being planned with Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf and Business Admin Maria Mento.

How will Ventnor monitor capacity of Shelter Island dredge hole?

Public question.

DEP & Army Corp told Margate to modify the ‘quantity’ numbers.

The Shelter Island hole was created when Margate & Ventnor needed sand for elevating portions of their flood-prone Downbeach towns.

Margate Business Admin Rich Deaney: How much dredge money should we include in 2022 Capital Plan?

Commissioner Amodeo asked CFO Lisa if Margate has dredging money set aside in escrow. CFO Lisa replied: we did at one time, but I have to check the balance because some of it’s been used for Stockton’s fees.

Commissioner Amodeo: I thought we did have some. CFO Lisa: Whatever we have is not substantial.

Commissioner Amodeo: I thought we escrowed $100k a year for past two years towards dredging? CFO Lisa: things have been reallocated.

Roger McLarnon: We’re gonna need more design phase capital

Margate private property owners have option to leverage city’s dredge permits when paying for their own dredging.

Margate Zoning Officer Roger McLarnon on 3rd floor decks and front-yard fences.

McLarnon wants to loosen current zoning rules regarding 3rd floor decks. Everybody wants them, scenic water views or not.

According to City ordinance, 3rd floor decks are only permitted in certain zones, usually waterside properties.

McLarnon suggests that maybe we allow more 3rd floor decks within very specific design criteria. This would reduce the number of variance applications the Zoning & Planning board would have to hear each month.

3rd Floor Decks and Fencing

Margate Zoning Czar Roger McLarnon frustrated by front-yard fence, non-compliance.

Front-yard fences are not permitted in Margate. Some homeowners install them anyway. Zoning wants sharper enforcement teeth. How should city notify offenders? One particular realtor shared inaccurate info about front-yard fencing in Margate.

Margate Commissioner John Amodeo pushing for multi-million dollar, flood-proofing upgrade to the Margate Municipal Building on Union Ave.

Margate just closed on $15 mil in bond financing at very attractive rate.

Will Amherst Ave finally get paved? Mathis Contractors hope to start on Dec. 13. ‘Tough to get asphalt’ they say. Amodeo disagrees.


Neighbor: No properly paved Amherst Ave between Douglas and Clarenden for past year. “Not happy with Mathis”. Travelers Insurance and Mathis Contractor not responding to homeowner communications. City suing Mathis. “We’re doing all we can”.

Margate Resolution of Support. Army Corp of Engineers & NJ DEP planning major project consisting of flood gates and levies. Looking for Absecon Island municipalities to chip-in. Idea has merit, but extremely expensive.

From AUG 2021

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