Margate Neighbors Angered By City Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space

Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space in Margate
Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space in Margate

Amodeo, Becker and Blumberg, the 3 Margate commissioners, were on the hot seat again. This time, it’s about the bulldozing and clearing of wooded areas and wetlands behind Margate Firehouse #2, next to the dog park.

Is this another case of residents discovering stealth moves by Margate leadership? ex: Hotel overlay fiasco from last year.

LISTEN > Margate Commish 2.21.2019

Neighbors see this as potentially, non-compliant chipping away at precious greenery and wetlands needed for wildlife and drainage.

Fear from neighbors: The 3 Margate commissioners, and solicitor Abbott, are moving towards something they won’t like.

Amodeo claims: There’s no secret tow lot being built. Nothing is being done in secret.

NOTE: The City of Margate needs to contact DEP prior to any work like this. Attendees say the DEP was NOT aware of this Margate project.

More fencing will soon go up. Some call this the killing off of open space and Margate’s last remaining greenery.

Question from attendees: Why does Margate have a Police tow lot? Why are we looking for more land for a new tow lot?

Margate Neighbors Angered By City Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space 1 Margate Neighbors Angered By City Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space
Protecting Wetlands, Open Space and Quality of Life

Fear that this residential area of Margate will be changed….and not for the better.

Wetlands boundary. Gets walked by DEP. Somebody named Harry Nichols must be called before any work gets done.

Question: Did you get permits from DEP? Answer: We have approved remediation plan from DEP. It’s 10 yrs old and still active.

We woke up to the sound of trees snapping. Bulldozers clearing land. All that vegetation & those trees have been cleared out.

Open space wetlands getting bulldozed, covered over.

Destruction of the remaining Margate wetlands.

Possible contamination from stored vehicles and public works materials

2nd time in the past year that public works is bulldozing over stuff, clearing land.

Where’s the Margate Green Team? Where’s Sustainable Margate? Crickets.

This is affecting the quality of life in this part of Margate.

Margate Neighbors Angered By City Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space 2 Margate Neighbors Angered By City Bulldozing Wetlands & Green Space
Margate Fire Station #2

Commissioner Amodeo says they’re NOT clearing that space. Neighbors disagree. Drainage becoming a problem.

Meeting Attendee Suppression. Margate Commissioners meetings are held at 4:30p. That’s BAD. They used to be at 6:30p. More residents can attend if these meetings are held in the early evening.



Now that Brigantine will soon be combining it’s 2 half empty schools, when will Margate? We get it. Those connected to Margate leadership want to keep all those jobs associated with the 2 schools. Margate Commissioners have family members to protect. To hell with the Margate Taxpayers. Especially those folks from the Margate Homeowners Association.

We find it quite disingenuous when residents comment, pleading to keep both half empty schools open. All in the name of protecting a good education for their kids. Education will NOT be affected by utilizing one school, instead of two. Of course, all they care about is protecting 6 figure jobs not critical to teaching our kids.

Hey putz, why are we paying $32,000 per student for just 350 kids, using TWO half-empty Margate schools?

So, no one has stepped up to challenge the 3 incumbent commissioners? You need not be a civics expert to understand the negative ramifications of an election with no challengers. One thing for sure, once Maury Blumberg teamed up with Becker and Amodeo, it was game over for the taxpayers. There is no longer any spirited debate among Commissioners. People are disappointed that Blumberg gave up his independent voice.

If Becker, Amodeo, Blumberg and Abbott are in charge for the next 4 years, Margate taxpayers are gonna be like lambs to the slaughter.


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