Margate Officials Warn Homeowner: No More Upgrading of Public Property.

Margate homeowner Bill Philips wants to know why City officials won’t let him beautify orphaned land. Philips even offered to help fix the problem. He would beautify the area with his own money.

During the recent re-configuring of the intersection, a new plot of land was left behind. A byproduct of the safety project at the intersection. Contractors threw down some seed and covered it with straw.

On Nov 15, Philips reached out to the City of Margate via the letter below. He already had preliminary discussions with Public Works and Zoning. Philips says both were agreeable to his offer to maintain that potentially orphaned, property.

Bill Philips: I offered the City of Margate to maintain this new property. Whether it’s deeded to me or not. In addition to paying for the sod, I would also add an additional zone to my existing sprinkler system, as well as approved landscaping that wouldn’t obstruct the line of sight for traffic there. Again, all at my expense, not the city.

Margate City Solicitor Abbott Publicly Warns Homeowner.


Philips asks: Is this for spite? Margate installed seemingly needless, orange-linked barrier/fence between his house and the corner at 8201 Amherst Avenue.

Philips says he spoke with Frank Richetti from Public Works. Philips asked if it would be OK for him to install sod, at his expense, in that spot. Philips would maintain the plot as well.

Philips says he spoke with both Frank Richetti of Margate Public works, and Zoning Officer, Roger McLarnon. Were both pleased to hear that Philips would take care of this spot….by himself….on his own dime?

Philips: Several neighbors have called us asking why the ugly fence was there. We believe that the only reason for this eyesore is the unlawful retaliation and spitefulness by the Margate Commissioners.

Philips says Margate leadership would rather use city money to pay for maintenance of this new corner… than have my wife and I pay for it.

Philips: Installation of the additional sidewalk. It was not part of the original contract. Mayor Becker asked engineering firm if it was necessary to install a second sidewalk. Philips says a second sidewalk wasn’t needed.

Sod paid for by Phillips. City installed extra sidewalk.

Biggest issue with newly constructed corners: lack of communication from Margate City Hall. Residents never informed of pending project.

8 thoughts on “Margate Officials Warn Homeowner: No More Upgrading of Public Property.”

  1. Think this is a little overblown. First off the orange fence is temporary construction fence so don’t think the city did it out of spite. Even though city officials said they didn’t want to maintain the property what made Mr. Phillips think that was a green light to put sod down? Could I go put a statue on the property because the city said they didn’t want to maintain? As indicated the project is still ongoing and city may (or may not) have plans to further beautify the property but lets at least give the city a chance to do something. Keep in mind it is winter.

  2. The key fact here that everyone seems to miss is that the Phillips’ requested that the land be “deeded” to them. So in fact, they weren’t doing the improvements “on their own dime”!!

  3. As a Margate resident I do not care who owns the property at the corner—I just want it to look nice. The construction fence is an eyesore and it is destroying the newly planted sod. It would take only seconds to remove it despite the winter weather. What is the purpose of the fence anyway? The guy that lives on the corner has offered to water and maintain the grass—why should the city look a gift horse in the mouth. Let him do it or it will end up being another eyesore in our town which already has way too many! Let’s face it—Margate is not known for it’s attention to aesthetics like nearby Avalon.

    1. The reason he can’t use that land is that the he would have a legal claim to that land after a certain number of years pass. And then he could do whatever he wanted with it, like extend his house.

      I live right across the street. I want free land. Give the land to me. See where I’m going with this??

      1. Your an idiot!
        You rather leave the property the way it was vs allowing someone to make it look better!
        I don’t see anyone who lives adjacent to that property that even cares about what your property looks like!
        Maybe you should try making your own property look a little like he does!

  4. When will this all stop—-don’t deed the property just let the guy tend the grass that he planted at his own expense. Otherwise, it will be a field of weeds unless the city plans on taking gallons and gallons of water each day to water the lawn and I seriously doubt that!

  5. It is February. Take the fence down. The city made its point. It is an eyesore and distracting . If the corners were under construction, where is the fencing on the other corner? Both corners are grassed. One was sodded the other grass seed and straw.

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