Margate OK’s Lamberti Liquor License, County Court System

During the recent Margate Commissioners meeting, the city approved renewal of an alcoholic beverage license held by Lamberti Margate LLC.

Renewal was approved by Margate PD and the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

After years of slow progress, the Lamberti’s restaurant construction project along the bay at 9707 Amherst Ave. is far from complete. The Lamberti Liquor license will remain ‘in pocket.’

Atlantic County-Wide Court System

Margate and Longport have both said no to the county-wide municipal court system designed to be more efficient and cost-effective.

So far, the following have joined the Atlantic County Central Municipal Court System:

Ventnor, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Linwood, Northfield, Corbin City, Estell Manor, Port Republic and Weymouth Township.

Critics claim Margate, Longport and Brigantine have not joined the county wide system in order to protect local jobs, even if taxpayers must carry that extra burden.

In other Margate news, Mayor Becker and fellow commissioners want to borrow $2.5 million for replacing 5,500 water meters throughout the city. These ‘smart’ meters can be read remotely. ALSO: Margate and all NJ municipalities have 10 years to replace of all lead-based pipes in the city.

Margate Public Employee Health Insurance Costs to Skyrocket

Margate CFO Lisa McLaughlin says cost of employee health insurance will be at least 20% higher this year. Actually, it’s closer to 23%.

Reason: Too many claims from city workers. More money going out than coming in.

McLaughlin claims ‘there’s nothing we can do about it’. Margate’s Commissioner of Finance, Maury Blumberg, had no comment. For now, the city must use the more expensive, NJ State health benefits program.

Huge health insurance increase could spur N.J. property tax hikes, layoffs, local leaders warn NJ Gov. Murphy.

The 22.8% rate increase on premiums is for local and county governments. State employees will only pay 3% more.

Lawmakers not happy that Gov Murphy did side deal with state employees where their insurance contributions are capped at just 3%. All NJ taxpayers will need to dig deeper in order to subsidize the state employee health plans.

The sharp increase in premiums is hitting local governments the most.

To be sure, public and private health insurance premiums are rising nationwide. New Jersey raising rates up to four times larger than other states.

How will municipalities like Margate and Ventnor pay for this? The ugly options are: raise property taxes, lay off employees, freeze wages, salaries and hiring, more shared services, deeper audit of city expenses, etc.

Second homeowners will be hit the hardest. They make up approx 75% of the tax base, and use least amount of city services.

15 thoughts on “Margate OK’s Lamberti Liquor License, County Court System”

  1. Homes in Margate built for past five years at prices two to four times the real estate value of former home torn down at much lower tax-ratable amounts.

    The result is Real estate taxes for these new homes increased City of Margate revenues by alot.

    These homes are lived in partially in summer months. These home owners represent approximately 75% of total amount of residents in Margate City. Services haven’t increased.

    City of Margate should use this increase in real estate tax revenues to apportion a real estate tax reduction.

    Reduce the tax-ratable % amounts $ to include ALL real estate in the City of Margate.

    1. COSTS for almost everything have increased for what the city pays for in terms of services, employment costs, benefits, vendor/third party costs.

      1. I asked what fines penalties and taxes have been assessed against Lambertis since they started and halted construction years ago . The answer I received was that they were granted a liquor license ?! And you ask about corruption?

  2. Lisa Mclaughlin…..Maybe if someone, Maury Blumberg, the commissioner that holds position of finance, was not looking the other way when the rx plan was bring run up in claims in excess of millions of dollars, then premiums will stay down.

    You as city CFO were also sleeping at the wheel. Maybe because your husband is a Margate fireman.

    Time for law enforcement to look into the corruption in Margate.

    Premiums paid less rx scripts and health care plans paid for must be within 3% or we have bad experience and costs skyrocket.

    We the tax payers are paying for the greed of city officials.

    Amodeo who was a working man as an operating engineer has many properties that he owns in Margate, far greater than a man in his possession can purchase.

    Maybe we need to know about 7 properties he bragged about owning along bay that he says is not worth much.

    Suddenly there is talk of two hotels to be built if current commissioners are reelected along the bay.

    Makes me wonder…

    1. Bob W,
      Maybe you should have done some research before posting your misinformation regarding Maury Blumberg and Lisa McLaughin.

      Firstly the State doesn’t share any info with the City of Margate regarding the health benefits program administered by the STATE when it comes to who is obtaining what prescriptions.

      Secondly, Lisa McLaughlin’s husband is not a Margate Fireman, nor ever was. He retired from the Atlantic City Fire Department at least 5 years ago.

      It’s obvious that this was just a personal attack on her. Next time, please vet your information.

      1. City employees are paid salaries and hourly wages on City payroll.
        The health plan is for city employees not state run benefits.
        Experience is shared by the plan providers with the city of Margate who pay the premiums.
        Maybe you need to understand the system better before you write non sense to protect your friends.

        1. The first sentence of your diatribe is correct. The second sentence is inaccurate as the City Health Insurance Plan is in fact administered by the State of NJ, and as a side note, ALL city employees pay a portion of their premium based on their respective salary.
          Lastly, I am in fact not friendly with anyone you mention in your post, I am just an individual who believes that truth matters and contrary to your statement, have an extremely intricate understanding of how the system works.

          1. Richard I appreciate your response. You are aware that stats reports back to Margate their experience?
            No one looked? Really? Come on. Stop defending and start looking .

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