Margate Pickleball Predicament, Dunes, Master Jetty, Valves, Back Bay Issues

Listen to audio from the Sept 7, 2017 Margate Commissioners Meeting.

All Day long. Thwack, thwack, thwack of Pickle-ball. From 8a-8p. Tournaments can attract up to 70 people or more. Sometimes spirited food & bev gatherings are involved by spectators.

The pickle-ball courts on Monmouth Ave are popular, but not to those who live close by. Should these mini-tennis courts / over-sized ping-pong tables, be re-located to the recreational area adjacent to Jerome Ave?

Listen to Margate public comment: Please move the pickle-ball courts!

Local, lovable gadfly John Sewell pulls no punches about his feelings on the Margate dune work.

Have Margate and Ventnor property values declined due to peak-season beach & dune work? Were vacation rentals really down by 35%?

Instead of man-made sand dunes that might last 45 minutes during a storm, Margate residents like John Sewell would prefer a master jetty be built at the bottom of Longport. Why? Because dredging and beach replenishment does little but clog up our inlets and back channels, that’s why. Listen to the biting, verbal elegance of Mr. Sewell:

Fix those valves. Speaking of dunes and beach drainage, or the lack thereof, when will Margate fix the drainage valves to reduce regular nuisance flooding? Should the City of Margate implement a maintenance plan for the valves & drains?

What’s the latest on back-bay dredging? The waters back there are clogged up, hurting business, personal use, and on occasion, these treacherous waterways can cause major injury, or worse.