Margate Planning Board Approves Food Truck Site Plans

The Margate Planning Board approved minor site plan changes for Margate Food Truck. The vote was 6-3 in favor.

Concerns included affecting traffic on Franklin, Frontenac & Ventnor Ave.

Applicant agreed to install deterrent to stop gas station cut-through, and provide an updated lighting plan.

  • Tom Collins. This is 3rd pass at site plan. (would be safer with no parking). VOTED NO.
  • Clem Wasleski. Cited construction issues & traffic flow. Site can’t handle this type of project. VOTED NO.
  • Rich Patterson. Creating site condition that is unsafe.  VOTED NO.
  • Mike Cristaldi. Bocca & other businesses have no parking.  VOTED YES.
  • Jim Galantino. VOTED YES.
  • Craig Palmisano. It’s a tough corner. This business needs indoor seating. Chief of PD is OK with it. VOTED YES.
  • Despina Hess.  Chief reviewed it, deems it safe. VOTED YES.
  • Remi Pelosi. VOTED YES.
  • Mike Richmond. VOTED YES.

In other Downbeach meeting news:

Steve Woerner from Concerned Citizens of Margate, requested to Mayor Becker, that when appointing a new member of school board, please… we already have too many parents on the board. We need someone to represent senior citizens too.

Note: Ventnor and Longport are still not providing recorded audio of their meetings…online.

  • Ventnor commissioners have promised to make their meetings more transparent, especially to the part-time homeowners that have no voting rights.
  • Margate, Atlantic City & Brigantine have been providing a multitude of ways to access municipal meetings, via their respective websites.
  • It’s becoming more common to record Council, School Board & Planning Board meetings, and promptly uploading the audio and/or video to free sites like YouTube.
  • Ventnor and Longport have not yet adopted these best practices.

Margate Planning Board Meeting Dates

  • MARCH 29
  • APRIL 26
  • MAY 31
  • JUNE 28
  • JULY 26
  • AUGUST 30
  • OCTOBER 25
  • NOVEMBER 29 (5th Thursday)
  • DECEMBER 20 (3rd Thursday)

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