Margate Planning Board Approves Return of Miniature Golf

By a vote of 9-0, the Margate Planning Board approved plans for the return of miniature golf. The vote took place on Thursday, Dec 14. Reaction from residents was mixed.

Plans call for the ‘Congo Falls’ family attraction to be built at the corner of Adams & Ventnor Ave., site of the former Cape Bank, right next to the Margate WAWA.

Angel Attanasio: We’re a beach community. We need stuff for people to do here for the 3-4 months they come to their summer homes or rentals. We’re not a year round community. We need their taxes, to keep our taxes low so we can afford to live here! So build a mini golf, skateboard ramp, and wave runner rentals. We have dining and other amenities. If you build it, they will come! And will bring their $.

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Jay Weintraub: Not good. They read three letters from three attorneys and one woman attorney representing herself as an attorney. All asked for a postponement so they could have time for legal representation. The city solicitor, and the head of the board, just blew them off. They proceeded and what confused me was the stating by the board that the zoning allowed for amusement type business. The 2016 master plan does not state that, nor could I find it anywhere in the zoning code.

The Margate Planning Board all agreed. This is exactly what the City needs.

The project developer is Mark Benevento of Sports Development, who operates many popular seashore attractions like Pirate Island Golf in Ocean City, Sea Isle City and Avalon. Benevento is also President and owner of Greate Bay Golf Club in Somers Point. Mr. Benevento also served as a director of Cape Bank.

Jill Ann Perry-Zaborowski: We need this and other things to do to help bring people back to our community. This city is slowly becoming a ghost town and with less people here, in the Summer too. There is nothing to do but eat or drink here with minimal shopping. Something like this will help the shops around it and most I would think would eat before or after and get ice cream. It’s win win for the businesses and the city.

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Rick Goldstein: I seriously doubt that a mini golf course in Margate will be a draw from anywhere farther than Ventnor or Longport. I will probably walk there with my grandchildren. Older teens are not likely to hang out at a miniature golf course. No one is going to drive more than 10 min to Margate only to play miniature golf.

Steven Tyman: Finally people can stay in Margate instead of going to Ocean City.

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Rema Eva: When are you guys gonna understand that going to those meetings is a waste of your time? The people that are “for it” are bought by the city in favors. Believe me, it’s like a bad episode of Goodfellas. They will blow you off every time because $$ has already greased palms at this point. Why do you think they ignored your dune rights? Same reason…unless you demand Becker get outta there, then your screwed. I know Blumberg is honest and the real deal. Not sure about the Italian.

Jay Weintraub: Mike Becker, I like him as a person and as Mayor. He’s a fine person who I believe makes his decisions based on what he thinks is best for the majority of Margate homeowners and business. I do wonder at times how decisions are made in our small town. I agree with some and disagree with others. That is natural. I was not happy with the planning board meeting the other night. But I accept the process and change only comes when an active community comes out and voices their opinions.

Brad M Jacobson: Fortunately for the town of Margate, it takes a lot of individuals to make a big difference, for the sake of our children, and the sustainability of any community. The popularity of Margate evolved from, family based activities, such as movie theaters, mini golf, day camps, sailing clubs, ice cream parlors, elephants, etc. It is the children from that time period that have continued to support the local communities. Without the development of future generations, your community will begin to die. Would it be so horrible that the children had something to do other than playing with phones and video games?

Ed Blumenthal: The area is designated by existing Margate Planning Board to be a shopping district.

No residences on ground floor, no offices on ground floor, just shops or restaurants. This amusement park is a major change from the existing city plan. The town planners never had an Amusement Park in any plans. This is nothing more than a bank owner trying to twist “rules” so they can unload an unused property. Just like what they tried in 2009.

My husband is an attorney and we will be there. They sneak all this stuff in when half year owners are gone. Same deal over and over again. The golf course group plans on making a ton of money but only three on street parking spaces? If they don’t make money it’s my understanding the zoning attaches to the property, not the project. It’s for the children. If you don’t get on board, you’re condescending, old, cranky, mean, rude, etc.

Wendy Koff Krevitz: I agree Margate needs more family oriented activities, but the concern of many is that this will become another club WAWA hangout. Residents do not want a repeat of trash strewn sidewalks and streets because it’s obvious that this type of attraction will become a hangout and those hanging out will not necessarily be there to play mini golf.

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