Margate Planning Board Catches Hell for Parking Problems

I’m going down with this ship.

The Margate Planning Board voted NO on property designs for the shuttered Chinese restaurant at 7800 Ventnor Ave.

At issue: too many retail properties are becoming mixed use without consistent parking requirements.

Plan was worrisome to local business. Bocca, Greens & Grains, Robert’s and Hot Bagels teamed up and hired an attorney to squash the site plan.

LISTEN to Margate business owner Roz Tyman taking aim at Margate leadership over lack of commercial parking.

Mixed-Use Coming.

Margate Planning Chairman Rich Patterson: Please Roz. We know that your famous.

Foreclosure sale of business district parking lot. Sold to Hammonton woman for $509k.

Why squeeze 4 businesses and 4 homes into that corner property? Bocca employees use up our residential parking.

Public Comment

Why did Margate Business Admin Rich Deaney and Commissioner Amodeo let that land go?

You gave the land away. I am pissed. I’m going down with this ship. Many opportunities to buy properties for parking. ‘AMEN’ says chairman Rich Patterson.

Margate Master Plan lacks proper parking strategy. Inconsistent at best.

This town is incestuous. The hardware store. The Mayor. The son-in-law. Insanity. Kickbacks. Jobs.

Roz Tyman

Sounds like Roz is threatening to sue Margate City if her revenue declines.

Roz recalled local embarrassment of Margate employee drug plan scandal.

I told Commissioner Amodeo 5 years ago, to buy a seaside trolley to cart these asses around town.

Roz Tyman

SAJ ASSOCIATES, LLC: 7800 VENTNOR AVENUE, Block 105 Lot 25, located in the Central Business District zone seeking site plan approval and “c” variance relief for commercial parking, building height, and possibly others in order to construct a mixed-use building with commercial at grade and four residential units above.

Why are businesses no longer required to have parking? There’s a critical need for commercial parking.

Chairman Rich Patterson: Margate Planning Board has been increasingly more lenient on commercial applications in regards to parking.

11 thoughts on “Margate Planning Board Catches Hell for Parking Problems”

  1. I am personally amazed as to how well this business person (woman as she has mentioned) represented the absolute reality.

    The board member that patronized her in the public forum is an example of narcissism and ego and unprofessional.

    Well done to this person (Roz) for representing us homeowners. Well said !

    1. Frankly, I thought the exact opposite. Repeated, irrelevant comparisons to Key West and allegations of kickbacks in a public forum distract from the true legitimacy of the concerns expressed. And also, she like many full time residents has an opportunity to run for elected office to help drive the change she is seeking.

      1. Must be more underlying reasons for the contentious position she took . For her position to come across with such emotion as a business owner for 30 years is worthy and credible to have a board do a better job explaining or rebutting if she was so far off the rails . I just ask why ?

        1. And one can ask the same question in reverse. From the first seconds of her rant, there is nothing they could have been said in that forum that would have either changed the status quo, or satisfied her. My simple question is this: since she has such issues with how the town is run, as a 30 year resident, why doesn’t SHE run for office and try to drive change instead of throwing stones and alleging crimes?

          1. Really Derek ….. I’m not running for mayor for 1 good reason. I’m going to make sure I get to heaven …. I’ve always done the right thing in my life and I’m not going to change that now !! I don’t play the political corruption game I’m a great person RN by education that lends a hand where ever I can !! I’m going to end my time being grateful for what I’ve been given and laugh and dance out the door 🚪 🌧️💃. Watch my business lives Life is short …..

  2. It’s always convenient too leave the facts out. The lot that Ms. Tyman refers to was in fact purchased by a private entity and turned into a paid parking lot. It wound up being an absolute failure, as no one utilized it. If it was such a great deal, why didn’t she as a business owner purchase it for parking? Taxpayer money should not be utilized to supplement private business!

    1. Richard your missing the facts. The city needed to buy it to save the business districts. The parking lot never worked. It was un – maned and the gate never operated We would watch people try to remove gate to get out ! Bottom line there is no parking to navigate through town and used the restaurants and shopping. We listen to the crying and complaining all day ! NO LAND LEFT 🤮🤢🙃.

      1. Interesting point Roz, “un-maned”, which I’m assuming is unmanned. More city paid employees? Which actually means more wasted TAXPAYER money to support YOUR business.

        1. Jefferson resident

          The parking lot as Ron points out correctly never worked. The owner could not get the parts to make it work right during/after covid. The rates were nothing short of a money grab. There is tried and true parking meter technology. It would have worked had the rates been realistic but that’s where cities provide services; and not a for private enterprise! Too late; the lot is gone but how about a commitment to buy some parking space by the leadership of margate.

        2. Richard Keppe and who are you? Can’t wait to find out. Good luck this summer getting your family around town to get want you need. Dinner, shopping, booze, lottery tickets or even to the beach. I’ve been asked to run by several people because I’m upstanding as a great business owner and a solid human that want everyone to succeed. Recognized and commended by the governor. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes 👀. The rest of my life is for me to enjoy and laugh and create 👍😱🙃🙏

  3. Bottom line is the lack of parking is detrimental to local businesses. I actually went to Roz’s store to discuss this with her.

    She really has a great idea. A trolley that goes from the Ventnor WaWa to the Margate WaWa. (Maybe WaWa would sponsor it and pay for it)

    A lot of resort towns use these trolleys.

    For example, in Park City Utah…the trolley runs all day and until after the dinner hour. It’s a tiny town, and there is no parking. People love it, and no one ever brings their cars downtown. You get on and off, and it’s perfect. Lots of resort towns have these in Florida and California.

    Anyway, I think that Roz has a great idea here. Anyone listening?

    Kim Friedman

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