Planning Board Delays Decision on Margate Food Truck

Dr. Pastore of Margate Food Truck
Dr. Pastore of Margate Food Truck watches Planning Board proceedings.

On Thursday, Nov 30., representatives of the Margate Foodtruck presented plans for expanding their take-out business at the corner of Ventnor & Frontenac Ave in Margate. 

The Margate Planning Board listened patiently to varied public opinion about this funky 2-story, truck shaped, burger & ice cream business. Due to last minute amendments to the originally submitted plans, the planning board chose to delay their decision by 2 weeks, pushing it back to Dec. 14.

The Margate Food Truck is part of the business district that includes Knit-Wit, Starbucks, Avant-Girl, Essex Seafood, Done & Casel’s.

Margate Food Truck
Proposed, new design for the Margate Food Truck

Margate Food Truck owner; Dr. Pastore and family watched as a mix of neighbors and adjacent business owners provided input, both good….and not-so-good.

The gas station next door claims that hungry patrons cut through his business to more easily access the Margate Food Truck parking lot. Some worry about more traffic congestion, parking problems and safety issues.

Others, like Jay Weintraub, a neighborhood advocate and local homeowner, shared his approval of newly submitted renderings that satisfactorily addressed most of his earlier concerns.

Weintraub: “I’m very proud to state that the neighbors and owners of the Margate Food Truck worked together to come up with a plan that benefits everyone. I’m sure the board will approve this project. This plan is a win-win and benefits all parties. We’re excited that Margate Food Truck will be investing in their business and enhancing the local landscape. We wish them well.”

Generally, most in attendance want this odd / fun / uniquely designed business to succeed. The corner site once featured a bank and a gas station.

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    1. from what we understand, another Margate business legally threatened Margate Burger Truck. Claiming name infringement.

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