Margate Planning Board Forgives Parking Requirements, OK’s Major Bayfront Development

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Listen to audio: Ed Berger and his Margate neighbors along the 9400 block of Amherst Ave. not happy with how a majority of the Planning Board members voted on Feb 22.

Major bayfront re-development will soon begin. Shuttered structures to be demolished. The long vacant properties will be replaced by modern offices, apartment space, and a 150 seat restaurant. Due to strict flood regulations, new construction could reach 50 ft in height.

‘The mold has been cast’, says Berger. What little remaining waterfront that’s left in Margate, is at risk of being eliminated. This is best use for developers, but what about Amherst neighbors?

Right across street from proposed project, Berger fears his home’s property value just dropped $100k.

Listen to Amherst neighbor comments, and Margate Planning Board votes:

The Margate Planning Board OK’ed major site plan approval, many ‘C’ variances, and waived a traffic impact study. New bulkheads will protect this portion of the bayfront.

60 Parking Spots Required, Only 4 Proposed for Margate Bayfront Project.

The dunes blocked our ocean views. Now, this little 3 block area, the last remaining spot in Margate where you can actually see water, is at risk.

Harbor Vista neighbors not against new development, but rather, against potential for over-development along the Amherst Ave Bayfront.

50 ft high buildings. Is it worth it? More development is coming. Other Amherst businesses will follow the leader?

Steve Troiano of Maynards: ‘We’re one of the top UBER pick-up spots in South Jersey’. Is parking somewhat less of an issue for Maynards?

‘Juniors’: afraid of construction interruptions. Note: Demolition must end before June 15. No matter when construction starts, both Summer 2018 and 2019 will be affected.

Why are we reducing the last remaining water views in Margate?

Concerns that Blue Water Marina could also build an eatery along the Margate bayfront.

  • No liquor license….yet. Will there be music? What will the hours of operation be?
  • Parking is just one major concern, but a big one. In conflict with Margate Master Plan.
  • This new business faces a substantial risk to find parking for it’s patrons.
  • Significant variances for this planned project, which include a restaurant.
  • Long term project & new bulkhead, Promenade from Lamberti to Juniors
  • Variance of convenience. Hardship relief? That question not answered.
  • If you bring property to line, street is narrower. Safety concerns.

Atty Rick DeLucry representing ‘Juniors’ asked: What is construction schedule? Answer: as of June 15, demolition must stop. Construction can continue though. Still 3 to 5 months out from work beginning on construction phase. Demolition can start soon. Total time to completion, is approx. 1 year.

MOTION: Margate major site plan approval. Many ‘C’ variances. Waiver of traffic impact study.

  • 60 parking spots needed…4 proposed.
  • Substantial setback relief granted.
  • Additional signage allowed.

Margate Planning Board vote:

  • Tom Collins: YES
  • Clem Wasleski: NO
  • Rich Paterson: YES
  • Jim Gallantino: YES
  • Margaret Guber-Nulty: NO
  • Craig Palmisano: YES
  • Remy Pelosi: NO
  • Ron Gruppo: YES
  • Mike Richmond: YES

Application passes: 6-3

3 thoughts on “Margate Planning Board Forgives Parking Requirements, OK’s Major Bayfront Development”

  1. Ed Berger and his neighbors didn’t care about any of their neighbors’ views when they built their 3 story homes. Seems to me that turnabout is fair play.

  2. Money talks and BS walks. Elect these bums out of office. Folks who have the properties facing the bay will never again see the sunset.

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