Margate Planning Board OK’s 3rd Floor Decks, Front Yard Fencing

Margate Planning and Zoning Board voted YES to allow more 3rd floor decks and some front yard fencing.

Planning Chairman Rich Patterson was the only NO vote. Patterson was appointed by Mayor Michael Becker.

Patterson wants to protect classic look and feel of Margate neighborhoods. His colleagues on the board did not agree.

Listen to Margate Planning and Zoning Board:

15 thoughts on “Margate Planning Board OK’s 3rd Floor Decks, Front Yard Fencing”

  1. Yes
    It’s about time for fencing to keep the damn dogs and owners basically from craping on our lawns. The owners let the dogs do it so they are responsible not the dogs!!

    1. The dogs aren’t nearly as bad as the idiots who don’t stop their cars at the cross walks on Atlantic and Ventnor Aves. It’s time to put up signs at every corner and have the police ticket the drivers.

      1. …OR ZOOM up Fulton Ave, from Huntington Avenue Circle, to “make the traffic light” on Jerome Ave (next to the basketball courts!)!!!

      2. Yes but walker need to cross with the lights not against them. Some walker don’t miss a step So when the signs go up make sure the communication reads for walkers to cross with lights not against!

        1. At lights/crosswalks, pedestrians have the right of way here irrespective of the traffic light being for or against them. Ignorant drivers often chose to ignore that, and while signs would help, absent of enforcement the signs means nothing.

          1. Richard Keppe

            Unfortunately you are misinformed. Under the law a pedestrian MUST abide by the traffic control device (traffic light)!

          2. Richard Keppe (love your screen name) if I’m incorrect, then my bad. I was under the impression that local rules gave absolute right of way at crosswalks to pedestrians? But to my other point, without enforcement, the signage others are calling for is largely ignored and useless.

          3. You are wrong. This is from the
            Every pedestrian upon a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shal yield the right of way to all vehicles upon the roadway. Pedestrians must obey pedestrian signals and use crosswalks at signaled intersections. Both carry a $54.00 fine.

            Know the law before you open your mouth.

          4. Thanks Chuck, now maybe actually read the rest of the comments before you mouth off. I said “my bad” upon Richard clarifying that there isn’t a local variance to the rule. And my correct point about signage without enforcement changes nothing, still remains. You’re welcome.

  2. Go Richard Patterson being against front yard fences. it will change the look of Margate.
    And those with dog should pick up the waste and have their dogs use the the strip by the curb!

  3. I wish the rest of the board had agreed with Mr. Patterson. There is no need for 3rd floor decks. Margate is beginning to look like triple deckers in other beach towns, not the lovely home that use to be on the parkway and Atlantic Ave. Ventnor is restoring old homes not tearing them down and they are beautiful.

    1. You keep making this same flawed argument. Nothing in Margate is FORCING people to tear down properties they purchase — they are allowed to do it. Your comments suggest you’re ignore the reality that it’s a business decision that is allowed to be made at this time. And you’re also ignoring the reality that these larger new homes pay far higher taxes that benefit from the homeowners of smaller/older properties. Want the look, feel and nostalgia of 40 years ago? Super. It will come at a cost – dramatically higher taxes.

      Or move.

  4. I am in agreement to have 3rd floor deck. I would like a higher fence more than 3 ft. In the front keep my Neighbor off my grass and outta my business

    1. More than 3’ fence in your front yard, come on! In 3-5 years, you won’t be able to recognize this town. Plus farm style homes will be out of style in 5 years.

      It’s all about the new tax dollars coming in.

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