Margate Planning Board OK’s Stately, Front-Yard Fence Design.

Back in 2017, the Margate Planning Board granted Temple Shirat Hayam synagogue a residential subdivision.

The new owners of this parcel opted to keep the property as a single residence with a pool and plenty of open space.

A parcel of premium land running the length of Ventnor Ave between Lancaster & Kenyon Ave.

But what about those THREE front-yards? Front-yard fences are prohibited in Margate. Gotta have a fence around that pool, too.

Listen to Margate Planning Board discuss this ‘C’ Variance application:

6.24.21 Margate Planning Board

Property could have been developed as 3 units. That plan was already approved.

Now, looks like everyone is happy.

An estate-sized lot that welcomes you to the lovely and fountained, Margate Parkway.

OSK Design Partners is a firm offering architectural design, land planning, interior design and space planning.

How did Margate Planning Board vote?

  • Tom Collins: Absolutely fabulous. Really good landmark application. YES.
  • Rich Patterson: I commend the design team. Fence is spectacular. No detriment to area. YES.
  • Jim Gallantino: Knocked it out of the park. OOHs and AHHs as you enter Parkway. YES.
  • Craig Palmisano: See-through brick & metal fence. Shrubs and flowers. YES.
  • Joe DiGeralomo. Love landscaping & fence for beginning of Parkway. YES.
  • Ron Grupo: Fence is work of art. Great for city. YES.
  • Mike Richmond. Appreciative that fence is now conforming. YES.

All 7 Margate Planning Board members voted in favor of the variance sought.

Margate Planning Board Chairman Rich Patterson: There are many illegal fences in Margate. And you’re saddled with 3 front yards! We see no detriment here. An exception should be made.

New home being built by D.F. Poley will feature pool, a generously sized yard, a pool changing room, and a workout area.

A true, estate-sized property on a 17,000 sq ft lot.

  1. Unique conditions affecting property (3 front yards)
  2. Granting variance benefits community (less density, more open space, etc.)
  3. Benefits outweigh any detriment that may result from variance.

5ft brick and metal fence. Pilaster style. See thru.

It’s not really a fence, but an architectural element.

Buyer wanted a 1st class, ‘Parkway type home.’

Property is across from commercial development, suggesting a buffer (fence) could be needed.

Few weeks back, Margate Solicitor Abbott mentioned a fence ‘middle ground’ in some instances.

1 thought on “Margate Planning Board OK’s Stately, Front-Yard Fence Design.”

  1. If you own property or been around Margate long enough, whether it be fences or Bocca, there’s only one way to settle these issues.

    You will prevail if you know the right people. Or you can do something for them. Always has been, always will be.

    Someone with money buys 3 lots. Yeah, let them have a fence.

    Your restaurant needs outside dining? Here, take a street. HaHa

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