Margate Planning Board Says NO to 9711 Atlantic Ave Sub-Division

margate 9711 subdivision
Margate says NO to Sub-division.

Building homes for maximum profit and ease of sale is not a concern of the board. So says Margate Planning Board Chairman, Rich Patterson. Making more money faster, is not a reason for requesting a variance.

Issue at hand: Developer in process of converting 19, one bedroom units into 6 townhomes. Owner recently decides they want to sub-divide property into 6, fee-simple, single family units. Application suggests a variance is needed for quicker sales and maximum profit.

Margate Planning Board voted no to the sub-division request.

Listen to audio clips from Sept 30, 2022.

Margate Planning Board Chairman Rich Patterson read this letter: Subdivision is requested merely for ease of sale purposes. Marketing efforts have shown that homes not burdened with a condominium association, spend less time on the market and more likely to sell closer to asking price.

How Did Margate Planning Board Vote?

  • Richard Patterson. What harm does this do to the city? The master plan? I grilled Mr. McLarnon repeatedly about problems that come up with individual ownership. I think from our discussions tonight it is going to be as tight as a condo association would be. So I vote yes. 
  • Michael Cristaldi. I’ve been in a couple of these things where it really got ugly. I don’t see how this benefits the city, but I know sitting here I would have not voted yes on 37 variances. I vote no. 
  • Margaret Guber-Nulty. I can’t find any compelling reason to do this. I don’t see any benefit to the city. I don’t see any benefit to the municipal land use or master plan, so I am voting no. 
  • Craig Palmisano. I’m OK with it. I’m voting yes. 
  • Remi Pelosi. I’m going to vote to approve. It doesn’t really change anything. 
  • Steven Jasiecki, I don’t know if it’s good idea dividing properties. I’m going to vote no. 
  • Michael Richmond. I can’t walk face people when we deny somebody for a foot of height and then say we just gave 36 variances. For what? I’m going to vote against it. 

Application was denied, with three in favor and four opposed.


Fast-talking Atty Chris Baylinson always asked to slow down and use microphone when speaking.

Lawyers requested to post/share documents, plans & renderings for all to review online.

Board should allow remote comment and questions via Zoom, especially in off-season when 75% of homeowners are elsewhere.

Density Concerns. 19 condo bedrooms are now 24. Originally 19 parking spots, but now it’s 30. 

Baylinson: Assessment can be significantly higher. Get more money for selling these properties… not as condos?

6 thoughts on “Margate Planning Board Says NO to 9711 Atlantic Ave Sub-Division”

  1. Finally, the board uses common sense. Or, at least three of them did.

    Margate is slowly becoming Stone Harbor and Avalon. The once quaintness of this town is slowly becoming the land of the Giants. Houses are being raised and some are over six feet. On top of the 6 ft foundation starts the three story 5,000 sq ft summer home.

    Balconies that enable homeowner to look into neighbors bedroom. An let’s not forget the 4ft x 8ft wading pool. It can’t be called a swimming pool.

    Then of course parking is becoming a chess match. One wrong move and you lose your spot.

    1. Quaintness doesn’t pay the taxes that new construction does. Would you trade “quaintness” for 2x your current taxes? I think not. And if it’s that troubling, then move. You’ll make a bundle.

  2. You’re complaining about raising them 6’ which minimizes flooding risk? Apparently you didn’t experience Superstorm Sandy directly or indirectly, or you’d appreciate the why behind the raising.

  3. Well Harry and Gerry, I would venture a guess that you are both proud owners of the McMansions. Welcome to Margate. Thank you for keeping taxes down. Actually, a revaluation of the city is just around the corner. I guess I pinched a nerve. So, simmer down and enjoy the sun set.

  4. Actually, you’d be wrong. I own a condo for the last decade, but I’m just smart enough to understand the realities of new larger construction and the positive impacts on the tax base — versus quaintness that isn’t realistic. Simmer down? I’m not the one who went on a rant complaining about anything and everything here. The only nerve you pinched is my funny bone – you do realize you’re free to move and not held hostage here, right?

  5. Seawinds was a motel not a condo. It was converted into condo’s for profit not to enhance the motel. It has outlived its usefulness. Absolutely let him build new single family homes.



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