Margate Planning Board Votes for More Fun. Mini-Golf Part of Updated Master Plan.

Margate congo falls benevento

At what point do Margate homeowners and Real Estate executives taxpayers say ‘enough is enough’? Over the years, it’s tough for towns like Margate to ignore big tax dollars and valuations that come from million dollar shore homes and new construction.

Like many Jersey shore towns, Margate enjoyed the benefits of a massive run-up of residential properties.

Audio Clips. Margate Planning Board, Miniature Golf Vote. Dec. 14, 2017

Along the way to Real Estate riches, Margate lost many attractions and amenities like bowling alleys, arcades, night clubs, bars, movie theaters, mini-golf and marinas. In their place, came what’s known as high value ‘ratables’; rich property tax assessments derived from part-time residents. As an added bonus, these 2nd homeowners are not heavy users of city services like public schools. Better yet (to some), this group of taxpayers can’t vote and exert influence on elected leaders.

Margate grapples with escalating home values vs. attractions and amenities.

Accusations that the mini-golf issue was being decided quietly in the off-season were easily rebuffed. With the proliferation of trusted news & information sources like DownbeachBUZZ & ACprimetime, part time residents are more aware than ever of critical info concerning the summertime hometown. It’s been noted that over time, legal notices inside printed newspapers are growing more ineffective, even though they’re legally required.

The developer of ‘Congo Falls’ applied for 3 simple variance within the CBD, Central Business District. The Margate Planning Board voted YES, 9-0.

  • Variance for business parking
  • Fence height to create privacy
  • Free standing sign
Benevento Adventure Golf Margate

The Ocean City version of Congo Fall features large gorilla and other eye-popping scenery. Perfect for a Boardwalk. This will NOT be a part of the Margate implementation of Congo Falls by developer Benevento & his Adventure Golf company.

Miniature golf fits within the allowable retail services, inside CBD, Central Business District zone. Mini-golf is permitted use. Mini-golf amusement is not prohibited within CBD zone. Mini-golf has in the past, operated within the Margate CBD zone.

Local Margate developer, Steve Baglivo, feared his tenant (Breakfast Club) would leave town if new attractions like mini-golf were not permitted. “We need a new influx of people & traffic” said Baglivo, who recently acquired additional properties in the area: 9411, 9413, 9513 and 9417 Ventnor Ave.

Steve Warner, President of Margate Concerned Citizens Group loved the idea.

Yes, it is ADA compliant.

Yianni Galanos was PRO golf.

4 thoughts on “Margate Planning Board Votes for More Fun. Mini-Golf Part of Updated Master Plan.”

  1. I would suggest that all Margate homeowners read the 2016 Margate City Plan. The plans are for a more transient group of people to visit and stay in Margate. We need hotels/motels and a many many short term home and apartment rentals to accomplish the goal of the new city plan.
    The plan also calls for lower cost homes and apartments to house the people who will hopefully find full time employment in Margate. My question is ….If the mini golf is a three month enterprise and they plan to hire 15 to 18 year old children top work the mini golf, where are the full time jobs? Where are the people to buy the homes.
    Less costly homes and apartments will drive down the values based on comps. Any realtor knows that.
    Is our board that intent on changing our community from a residential community to a commercial community? For years we have enjoyed Margate as it is and yes we miss the movie theater,mini golf and bowling to name a few. However ,we have the luxury of driving just a few short minutes to OC where we can enjoy those activities.
    Our year round community has changed from 10,000 year round residents to alow of 4700 a few years ago.We are now back to over 6,000 and growing. Many are people over the age of 55 but growing. We need doctors,dentists, chiropractors ,shops to meet the needs of this growing population.
    The water park is next!

    Do we want Margate to change at the cost of changing our identity and the way of life we all have? I am not sure but some change is necessary not a remake.

    1. Chris
      With all due respect, the Master Plan speaks in it’s own written words a different objective.You need to quote the plan.
      I am suggesting that all home owners read the plan.
      I respect the hard work of all those who worked on the project. I have served on many community boards and yes sometimes we ate spat on. By no means am I disrespecting their hard work. But I can have an opposing point of view as many others do.
      However, those who are property owners were excluded.Shouldn’t all property owners have a voice?
      Yes all of our worlds have changed. I enjoyed my childhood and sometimes close my eys and enjoy great memories of our times and my friends. We can’t run our lives living in the past.
      My children played little league,travel,and elite travel ball Two of them played college ball. When they were kids and tried to play Margate ball they were told no because they were not full time residents.
      Is Margate a town that is inclusive or one that only serves a small special group?
      I love Margate and so do all those who own homes here full time or seasonal. Let us all help make Margate great again.

  2. Chris Baylinson: The goals and objectives of the Master Plan seek to make Margate less transient in the long run by providing a customer base for local businesses other than just seasonal residents, ideally more year ’round families and actual tourists, tourism being Margates only industry. While the seasonal spike of some 25,000 visitors is, without question, Margate’s economy, it doesn’t put kids on the little league field. Twenty five years ago Margate fielded no less than 15 baseball teams between farm league, little league and senior league; now, not even one little league team, not one. It’s things like little league that make city’s like Margate great, when you lose that, you lose why Margate became attractive in the first place. There were several public meetings throughout the year held to discuss the Master Plan and specifically to gain input and take suggestions from the public, including seasonal residents , into Margate’s future. Unfortunately, those meetings are lightly attended and we are left with defending the obviously thankless work of the governing body and Master Plan Committee from criticism typed by a few on this Facebook page from 60 miles away.

  3. What is all the fuss about A bank building is gone Has to be a good thing Miniature Golf The kids will enjoy and the old folks can take their grand kids out for ice cream and golf What would you rather have there?? Another pizza place We have dozens If Margate had a ‘mini boardwalk ‘ with golf and other fun things for kids to do Maybe less would head to Ocean City for fun and stay and play and spend here

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