Margate Police Remind Residents and Visitors of Summer Safety Rules


The Margate City Police Department is asking parents to more closely monitor their children around town this summer.

According to MCPD, there has been year-over year increases in juvenile activity in several areas of town. Especially during the evening hours.

With the increase of un-monitored activity, come increased reports of underage drinking, drug use and other property crimes.

Margate PD is unable to constantly and closely monitor large groups that form near these business districts. (ex: WAWA area) The beaches are another gathering spot.

If any of the juveniles that MCPD encounter acting in a way that poses a threat to safety, MCPD will secure the child until a parent is able to take responsibility for them.

Dogs are never allowed on the beach, and MUST be on a leash in most other places. The leash requirement applies to service and support animals as well where it doesn’t directly interfere with their duties.

NO SMOKING. State health regulation: No smoking or vape usage of any kind, in any park zone, including beaches.

Electric Low Speed Vehicles are subject to the same rules and regulations are any other passenger vehicle. Seat belts are required for all passengers and children must be in the same safety seats that would be if they were traveling in a car. You MUST have a license to operate a LSV and all passengers must have a seat.

A list of regulations can be found at:

1 thought on “Margate Police Remind Residents and Visitors of Summer Safety Rules”

  1. I am thrilled to hear the Police are cracking down on these gathering areas for children.
    Although it’s really not the job of the Police to control the teenagers but the duty of their parents, I am proud of the Police for monitoring the business district and beaches.
    It keeps these areas safe and the children safer.

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