Margate Prepares for Road Diet, Making Atlantic Ave Safer.

Should Margate go on a road diet? Mayor Becker and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg want to know.

A Margate road diet would reduce 4 lanes into 2. It would also allow for a turning lane. Bike lanes would be on each side of the street.

The video above from VOX explains why road diets are implemented, and how planners survey the feasibility of a lane reconfiguration.

A Margate road diet would be a good way to reduce speeding and accidents while improving traffic flow.

A road diet is planned for Atlantic Ave in Margate.

A little paint to reconfigure the lanes and Margate summer traffic will calm down and be safer? That’s what a ‘road diet’ is designed to do, and Margate is ready to move forward with the idea.

Margate City Commissioners want input from property owners and local business owners, before they move forward with the public safety project.

Two online meetings to obtain public feedback:

  • 1:30p. Tues, Dec. 15
  • 6p. Wed, Dec. 16

Join Meeting Here

The presentation will provide information regarding design, benefits, and traffic impacts of proposed changes on Atlantic Avenue.

Summertime traffic congestion along the shore has been a major issue for decades. Over time, roads were widened, often to 4 lanes or more of traffic. This did nothing to alleviate the growing challenges.

Extra traffic lanes don’t reduce congestion, but they do increase the chances of accidents and injury.

Some full-time shore residents despise the idea of road diets. ‘How dare you slow down my 10 minute ride to work. Damn shoobies.

I’m currently doing an internship for my city’s department of transportation, and the most things we are working on are road diets, bike lanes, and complete streets. It seems really complex but its actually one of most fascinating and simple systems to implement.


Margate was awarded a $273,642 grant for the $400k project.

42 thoughts on “Margate Prepares for Road Diet, Making Atlantic Ave Safer.”

  1. If you have to use a term as silly as “road diet” instead of “lane reduction “ you are just trying to put an evening gown on a donkey and expecting a prom invitation. This is the kind of verbiage used when you need to make yourself feel relevant and necessarily. You’re neither.

    1. So wait, the guy using donkey and prom analogies is complaining about someone ELSE needing to make themselves feel relevant and “necessarily” ? Wow, hello Pot, have you met the Kettle…

  2. I think it’s a great idea and we should go forward with it. It will hopefully slow traffic down on Atlantic Avenue whee you take you life in your hands crossing the street, even when you have a red light.
    I wish I could tune into the meeting but hopefully, this will go through.

  3. I doubt if this will work! What did the state engineer’s from DOT say about this plan? I remember talk about this in the80’s when I was in Traffic (ACPD) they talked about Atlantic Ave, and it never happened. But, remember, when the trolley car was in operation, Atlantic Ave was 1 lane each way withparking, but there was much less people and traffic back then. Jus saying!

    1. It always works. It’s happening all over. Where traffic was widene years ago stupidly in business Thorofares now works against any business happening on those Thorofares. You slow the traffic down, bring bikes in, traffic is no longer a thruway but business traffic. They can see the businesses on the roadways when they aren’t zipping thru. And ya gotta move the businesses closer to the roadways. Just the way it is.

  4. Great idea! Atlantic avenue traffic mostly consists of contractors rushing to and from their next job or folks taking a shortcut to Ocean City to avoid freeway traffic. There is never a traffic jam on Atlantic avenue so 2 lanes each way are not needed. Cyclists and day trippers add to the Margate economy and these safety improvements will add a welcoming climate to both visitors, renters and residents.

  5. The town needs more parking. Therefore spots should be built on an angle. For safety, the bike lane needs to be located along the sidewalk and not on the parked cars’ other side. my two cents

  6. We are in favor of this plan. We have seen it work effectively even in Washington, DC. Our island is residential for the most part so traffic should be slower and more directed toward pedestrian safety. We think the road diet will help with both issues.

  7. Why go through all the expense and change to move to one lane each way? I’m a year round resident and I say a firm NO. If you want to drive on a one-lane road each way, go onto Ventnor Avenue. Absolutely a project to make busy work. Totally unnecessary.

  8. All in favor of it. Presently it’s too dangerous to bike on Atlantic Ave. if we had a boardwalk, could have solved problem. But we don’t. People open car doors without looking. Too many speeders. People crossing street don’t see other lane not stopping.
    Let’s fix it.

  9. How will this impact all of the other streets, especially Winchester, Monmouth and Amherst? Where is the comprehensive traffic study? This would be good idea but it can not done in a vacuum, the other streets will be crushed and they are already bad.

  10. Poor pun. Calling other people stupid reflects on your intellect. If you oppose the idea, give your reasoning. Otherwise, stick to Twitter.

  11. As a former resident and home owner in margate I think this is a ridiculous idea. Just to pacify the “summer” people who should learn how to follow rules this should not be done. Stop at corners for crossing traffic, don’t go thru red lights and follow the common sense rules for bikers. Do not ride side by side. This is not a rural trail nor should it try to be one.

    1. Nonsense. You have no idea what’s happening in city planning and simply don’t understand BASIC stuff. It’s happening al over through main town Thorofares to show down the freeway some roads have become through downtowns. It’s way of reclaiming local space for your town and it not being a used simply as a thruway. Traffic slows down. Cars drive by and see the businesses and patronize them. Attracts more businesses. It’s helps bring back small stores with customer service which is needed to offer alternatives to big box stores and Amazon. Learn basic stuff before just spouting off.

    1. Then perhaps run for office and challenge this regime for office. Nah, just keep complaining. If it’s so “ruined”, then MOVE – it’s a great time to sell and capitalize on the high prices and low rates.

    2. Here’s a few thoughts, Coleen, since apparently you know it all and have the easy answers.

      – Run for office to unseat this regime that you claim has “ruined” the city

      – Share your brilliant ideas and wow us with YOUR pure genius

      – If everything is so ruined, then MOVE OUT. I’m sure you can make plenty of money on your property in this high demand, low inventory.

        1. My last name is Strauss. How does that change anything about what I said about your comment? Unless you’re trying to go where it seems like you’re likely trying to go… and my family has been homeowners here since 2 years before casino gambling. Once again, what’s your point ? Doesn’t change my comment to you one iota. Rage on, grumpy.

        2. I commented for one simple reason: if the city is as ruined as you claim, then do something TANGIBLE about it – like run against those in power, or move. Great, you’ve whined to them about it, and continue to whine on here. I’m sure we can all hear you yelling out your windows too. If it’s so “ruined” then why is property demand so high, inventory so low and prices so high? Exactly.

          1. A random thought. Have I missed all the recent maimings and deaths on Atlantic Avenue? Is that why the urge to make it “safer”?

          2. I’ve gone through the Margate School System. Kindergarten to 8th. I gave tours in Lucy the Elephant. Did you? Do you know anybody that are true locals? When you live in a city for 53 years, you have a right to vent!

            I went to school with Mayor Becker’s daughter. She’s a friend of mine and her deceased husband was a friend of mine. I’m a friend of Maury Blumberg. I’ve campaigned for Maury Blumberg, his mother was my seventh grade teacher. I have worked phone banks for Maury Blumberg.

            I have a right to voice my opinion and that is my opinion. That’s the problem with Margate. all you people think is sell sell sell instead of living there in your homes enough already stop.

            The only time I yell out my windows is when shoobies invade for 13 weeks and disrespect our beach and everything else.

      1. Danny, you are certainly bitter, which one of the corrupt 3 Amigos are you?

        This little town is swimming in money, yet the streets are dirty, services are substandard and the people that work for the city are miserable.

        A lot needs to change but won’t because the majority of homeowners can’t vote and don’t really care, they just want to show off their big houses and newest Tesla to their friends who treat Margate terribly.

        1. Bitter, RC ? I’m simply mocking your stupidity, laughing at you while doing it. Still waiting for you to produce any shred of proof to your endless allegations of criminal wrongdoing. And i don’t disagree about all homeowners and the need to be able to vote, but your generalizations and characterizations of second homeowners are as laughable and pathetic as your allegations. Still waiting, evidence of crimes, please?

          1. I don’t need to expose anything on this website, it’s not the proper venue but your nervousness says a lot. Mock me if you want, if you are not scared, you should be, it’s only a matter time before it all spills out! Good luck, be careful out there.

          2. (apologize for the re-reply as I hit sent to soon). RC – I could care less WHERE you provide evidence for your huge and constant. allegations. JUST DO IT somewhere with the authorities, or shut up. As a resident and taxpayer, IF the allegations are true, they should be proven in a court of law and the appropriate penalties against those you accuse enforced. And if they are not, you’re just howling in the wind with allegations.

        2. You’re a lunatic, RC. My nervousness as a home owner asking you to back your big words up with evidence? I’m hardly nervous, I’m mocking you but you’re too stupid to get that. I’m openly challenging you to produce ANY evidence to support constant allegations. That’s nerves? Let me make it simple: you lack the cajones to prove what your internet beer muscles offer continuously. You’re a coward.

          1. You should say “I couldn’t care less.” Caring scale is at the bottom. If you could care less, there is more room for caring.

    3. Merry Christmas, Coleen. Reducing four-lane roads to two is not unique to Margate. Cities are changing how their streets run for a serious reason: The people born after WWII are getting older. People over 75 are the fastest growing part of the population. Many of these people are losing their ability to drive, but want to keep living independently in their homes and communities. Cities and states are taking notice and making changes.

      My wife and I walk, bike and drive in Margate (family’s been here since the Depression, thank you.) As currently laid out, with the off-season blinkers, Atlantic Avenue is a challenge to cross safely and comfortably. We (who are here year round) handle this OK now, but we see that is more difficult for others (and that could be us in a few years.)

      We’ve made a point to watch Atlantic Avenue, during the busiest weekends, pre-COVID. Atlantic Avenue never gets crowded with cars to the point that traffic backs up, or would if there were only one lane in each direction. As for drivers needing to stop for people in the crosswalks, that’s the law, two lanes or four. Simplifying the road will actually likely make such stops quicker and less frustrating for everyone.

      Some examples of other cities who have made this change to major streets:

      West Avenue, the main road through Ocean City, with a setup similar to the proposal for Atlantic Avenue. Ocean City seems to be doing fine.

      Calvert Street, the main road through DC’s Woodley Park neighborhood. A much busier street in a much bigger city than Margate. The big, busy (and nice) Shoreham Hotel is here. I had the opportunity to watch this street (pre-COVID) during the morning rush and was amazed at how smooth it actually ran.

      (The Buzz does not appear to like pictures or links, but you can see both these streets on Google Street View.)

      I’m confident that driving on Atlantic Avenue will be fine. Besides, I view a neighborhood as a place to _live_ in, nut just to _drive_ through. We appreciate that Margate is considering this change and urge the city to finish the job.

  12. Absolutely insane. The people that choose to drive under the speed limit will now be in the only lane available. What will that do for traffic flow?

    Maybe common sense eludes the people in charge, and I’m being kind.

  13. Where should joggers go? Is the bike lane intended to be shared. In the summer, it is impractical for joggers to use the sidewalks which are congested with walkers, strollers, people loading and unloading cars, and at times even stray bicyclers. I think that needs to be specifically addressed in the plan.

  14. When riding a bike crossing a street I was educated by my parents to move quickly cross street when it’s safe ride a bike with caution and I’ve extended it to please don’t ride bike with cell phone apps on you are in traffic. Cars are insured vehicles that generate hundreds of millions of car payments and insurance payments creating jobs . Lights are to be obeyed and to have a license your educational of a moving vehicle. Bike riding requires a helmet that’s it ???? We live in a seasonal community why limit traffic??? Government money always becomes a pathway to jail ! You can’t be holding a position forever only in margate.

  15. Hi Joel: As someone who bikes and walks a lot, I’m happy to share the bike lanes with runners and believe that most cyclists feel similarly. Were you on the public call yesterday? It seems like “technically, legally”, Margate can’t easily set up a running lane on the street due to state law, which I suspect is not strictly enforced (“Where sidewalks are provided it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway.” N.J. Stat. § 39:4-34.) With the proposed configuration, there will be more space for runners, even if it’s “unofficial.”

  16. So RC is getting mad because some of us have called him out for being a loud mouth putz.Only a low life moron would hurl criminal accusations against others without backing them up.
    Danny is right RC is a coward.

  17. The mayor won re-election for a 4th term with 768 votes so I guess he will be mayor until some of the old folks ride off into that sunset that Lamberti’s is blocking. Are there not term limits in Margate? Being a full time owner and a part time resident, I cannot vote so I don’t dig too deep into the politics.
    On one side I can see where people like R.C. are coming from when you look at Congo falls and the pop up water park with no consideration to the local residents, trash, parking, and congestion in the areas.
    On the other hand we have federal departments like the FBI that just love to take down high ranking officials, and in light of the perscription fiasco I’m sure all public works employees were looked at. So from that angle I can’t see them being too dirty if at all.
    The only way to slow down speeders is with speed bumps.

  18. I wanted to share my thoughts and a personal story regarding the proposed road diet.

    I am fully behind this proposed road diet.
    Many are concerned that it will take them an additional 2 minutes to travel the length of Margate.
    Many are concerned with having one driving lane and a separate turning lane.
    I can appreciate everyone’s thoughts and concerns.

    I want to share my personal story.
    Like many of you I have almost been hit twice on Atlantic ave trying to cross as a driver in the outside lane did not see me or ignored the other car and pedestrians.
    Now you may say that almost or close is only good in horseshoes or hand grenades.
    But what if it was not close but a actual collision.

    My son Alex was in another town last year on January 8th 2020.
    He was crossing a road similar to our Atlantic Ave.

    At 5:35 at night on January 8th 2020, he was crossing the street and was hit by a car and almost killed. I fact the doctors have no idea how he survived.

    My wife and I received a call from some stranger who asked us if we had a son with dark hair because he was seriously injured when he was hit by a car.

    We had to call frantically local and state police to find if it was our son and where he was.

    We ran out of the house to fly to Florida and find him.

    We finally did and the sight we saw when we entered the hospital brought us both to tears. A sight no parent, father, mother or sibling ever wants to see.

    6 operations later and one more to go. He is doing fine now.

    Just picture what he has gone through and my wife and I have gone through as parents.

    A street setup like our commissioners are proposing could have most likely prevented this terrible accident.

    The plan as presented may cause a driver to lose 2 minutes of their time on a safer street. Is two minutes more driving time more important than a child’s life or the loss of a father or mother to their children?
    I think not!

    I am all in for this safety project and not worried about how fast I can travel on Atlantic Ave.

    This is a resort town.
    Easier and slower living.

    I am more concerned about the person who may become disabled, injured or worse , left for dead.

    You may point to past history in Margate of traffic accidents but we all know we can’t predict the future. We may however help reduce the what ifs.

    You never want to receive the call we did that day in 2020.
    I hope you take my story and rethink your position if you are against this much needed safety project.
    Is two minutes worth the fight?

    Jay I Weintraub

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