Margate Promenade, Washington Ave Chaos, Dredging, Amherst Damage

Delayed Amherst Promenade

Listen to audio clips from Margate Commission meeting of May 20, 2021.

Long-awaited Amherst Promenade along Margate’s back-bay delayed until mid-July 2021.

Still waiting for delivery of lumber and other materials. Once received, should take about 30 days to complete says Margate City Engineer, Ed Dennis.

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Amherst Damage Margate
Structural Damage on Amherst

Damage to homes along Amherst Ave. Discussions underway to compensate those who suffered property damage.

Insurance companies involved. Street utilities and storm water drainage system upgrade complete.

Concrete and basic paving next.

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washington Ave margate
Washington Ave.

Washington Ave. near WAWA getting crazier. More dangerous? Vehicles going wrong way. Often.

Plenty of near misses. Tempers flare. Often. Better street signage desperately needed.

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Is Margate getting closer to those elusive, dredging permits? Plan is to dump dredge spoils into hole on Shelter Island, behind Ventnor. Added benefit: build up the back bay wetlands.

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