Margate Public Hearing for Amherst Traffic Changes

Mayor Becker of Margate wants feedback on his plan to turn Amherst Ave into a one-way from Washington Ave to Coolidge Ave along the bayfront.

The public hearing is scheduled for April 15.

Safety reasons are why these traffic changes are being considered. 

A much higher volume of cars & pedestrians are expected once the Summer of 2021 kicks in.

The Amherst one-way could go into effect when construction of the bay front promenade is done, sometime near Memorial Day.

Public hearing is 4 p.m.

Margate City Hall, 1 S. Washington Avenue.

14 thoughts on “Margate Public Hearing for Amherst Traffic Changes”

  1. Another atrocious idea. We are the first street in Longport but suffer all the consequences of Margate elected officials money-grabbing decisions…. Boardwalk to nowhere eating up valuable parking spaces = idiotic. Water park = downright stupid. Letting Lamberti’s build anyway they want – encroaching on walkways, waterways, anything they want = free meal for politicos, but horrible for nearby homes. Someone is making money here but the VALUE is not going to the long-suffering residents, that is for sure.

    1. Have to laugh at the article “Margate Mayor wants feedback on the traffic situation” I lived there 25 years and went to the CIty meetings to address this same concern at this end of the CIty – no one was ever concerned. So now – after they sold their soul to allow this to all evolve — then they want “feedback”– Delivery trucks, trash trucks, customer parking (or lack thereof) have always been an issue there and with the increased footprint should end up killing someone. Great job Margate, and shame on all of the residents who sat by and allowed this.

  2. Longport…you get what you deserve. You want all the restaurants because you are hooked, like crack, on the “restaurant culture” and “attractions” because spending a relaxing time on the beach is not enough anymore. Well guess what…this BS is the result. Enjoy all your dinners in Margate’s so called pedestrian friendly, overcrowded, noisy, obnoxious neighborhood. Just don’t get run over by all the motorized bikes and skateboards along the way.

    1. More uncaring ideas for Amherst Ave. Our home is on Amherst. Little by little it’s being destroyed along with the rest of Margate.

      First, when approving any business, parking should be a consideration. Believe me, it is not.

      Height of Lamberti’s should be a concern to all Margate citizens. Is this going to be the new look of Amherst Avenue? Even from a distance this building looks ridiculously out of place.

      Also, there has been no speed control. Haven’t they heard of stop signs and speed bumps? I have seen so many close calls. It is amazing no one has been killed. Most of it is Friday late afternoon early evening going in to Longport.

      Unfortunately, politicians lean towards their benefit only. Maybe we should take Ronald Reagan’s advice. When you cannot make them see the light, make them feel the heat!

  3. I think this will be a disaster. In combination with changes on Atlantic Avenue, it will cause so much congestion on the other remaining streets.

    Yes it is hectic in the summer but why change everything for two short months? Those of us who live near the bay will pay the price full time.

  4. One way Amherst a terrible idea. Other solutions such as speed bumps would enhance the safety. Decision regarding height of Lamberti’s — not to the benefit of residents

    1. Be careful what you wish for. Speed bumps come with many caveats. Stop and go traffic, increase air pollution and drivers maneuvering quickly to other streets in order to avoid them. Liability is high and the cost of them ain’t cheap.

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