Margate Puppy Dies From Eating Poison Targeted at Rabbit Problem


Rabbits everywhere in Margate, Ventnor & Longport. Colorful flower beds and bountiful gardens attract these cute, yet hungry rodents.

To fight back against the growing rabbit population, some Margate residents may have placed rodent poison in their gardens. The tasty yet caustic bait not only kills rabbits, but pets as well. A 3 yr old puppy named Harley has recently succumbed to poisoning.

When is this gonna stop? Kate Carter wants to know. She hopes you’ll sign her online petition.

Margate family dog suffers sudden and devastating death. Vet says 3 yr old Harley most likely died from eating rat and rodent bait.

If you’re walking your dog in the neighborhood, be careful.

This type of rodent poison is very strong and can be fatal, through direct poisoning, eating an animal or animal waste. It’s EXTREMELY fast acting. I am creating this petition in hopes to end the use of poison to hurt an animal .

There are more holistic ways to repel wildlife from eating your tomatoes. 

Bunnies, rats, mice and raccoons eat the poison. These rodents leave feces in your yard. Your dog licks its paws that walked on fecal matter. It’s a never ending cycle. Animals are dying because of it.

Downbeach rabbits have few natural enemies. Fox, racoon and other predators have been chased out of their natural habitat due to housing development.

8 thoughts on “Margate Puppy Dies From Eating Poison Targeted at Rabbit Problem”

  1. Seems to me that if people didn’t blatantly trespass onto someone else’s property, then their dog’s wouldn’t be sick or dead. Bravo to the residents trying to solve a problem that the City won’t.

    1. Obviously you are a real jerk! One of those Margate people finding negativity and complaining about whatever. I’m sure you’ve never owned a pet. ( I sure hope not). Owning a pet is someone who has love and compassion in their hearts. These pets are part of our families and when something like this happens, it’s heartbreaking. You must be a very selfish person, along with the person who is poisoning these animals. So selfish that lawns and flowers are more important than nature’s bunnies and our pups.
      And you, my dear sir, are a real ass——!

      1. Lawns and flowers are much more important that the enormous numbers of poop machines running around.

    2. You need to be more humane and cognizant of other living beings on our beautiful planet.
      Biodiversity is a gift to cherish. (Also, you should return to school to learn the difference between a plural and a possessive noun.)

  2. You seem be one of those miserable, complaining homeowners of Margate
    who always has something negative to say! And obviously a real jerk. Hopefully you don’t own a pet or know what it’s like to have and care for one. You are just another selfish person who would rather kill a beautiful bunny or puppy just so your grass and flowers look perfect.

    1. Apparently “Truth” thinks that walking your dog on someone’s property should be punishable by the pet’s death. He’s judge, jury and executioner.

  3. Rabbits are not rodents. That said… there is never a reason to use poison to “fix” a problem where living beings can be hurt. Get the facts straight and let’s educate people who think only of themselves and what their gardens look like. As far as they’re concerned, I see only ugliness … especially where these selfish people are concerned. There are safe options that exclude the use of dangerous poisons that will harm our precious pets. We need to provide resources for those who need information about safe alternatives.

  4. Capture rabbits with traps with wet cat food bait. Traps only hold one rabbit, you will need a few traps and off to Birch Grove!

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