Margate Readies for 90 Day, Essex Ave Shut Down for Private Business


Richard Deaney, Business Administrator for Margate just issued a press release about the upcoming shutdown of Essex Ave for 3 months.

Mayor Becker and Commissioners Amodeo & Blumberg recently approved a summer long expansion into the streets, for the Bocca Restaurant business, starting June 15.

Contact Mr Deaney for more details. 609-822-0432

The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in significant hardships to both individuals and businesses within the nation and particularly within New Jersey. Governor Murphy and the NJ State Legislature realized this and extended SR 2020-10 until November 30, 2022 permitting an extension of outdoor dining.

Acting within the specifics of the state resolution the City of Margate in 2020 temporarily closed the right of way in the Unit Block of North Essex Avenue from Oak Grove Avenue to Ventnor Avenue from June 15, thru November 13, 2020.

Under authority of the stated goals of the ongoing state resolution, the Margate City Commission has again acted to close a portion of the right of way of North Essex Avenue to traffic but for a REDUCED TIME PERIOD OF June 15 until September 13.

Before making this difficult decision, the Commission sought input from stakeholders and asked the Police Department to coordinate this effort with the primary goal of maintaining public safety. In 2020 during the five month closure the police department received seven (7) noise complaints associated with the expansion of premises of Bocca Restaurant.

Of the seven (7) complaints, six (6) were from the same individual. In addition to noise, lack of parking was the primary issue.

To address the noise issue along this block and in other areas of the city where outdoor dining was extended, Ordinance #124-2021 was introduced with specific hours for music and dining.


All music is to cease at 8:00pm and food or beverage service is to cease at 10:00pm. This ordinance effects all businesses operating under the state permitted expansion of premises COVID related initiative.

The Police Department also addressed parking concerns of North Essex residents. All of the homes in the area have off street parking but to limit on street parking in the area, permit parking will be instituted to assist home owners with less vehicle density.
In an effort to assist Hot Bagels, an adjoining business with transient traffic, Bocca agreed to change the delivery schedule to a time frame more favorable to her business.

Also, along a portion of Ventnor Avenue there will be a temporary 15 minute zone. Additionally, Hot Bagels will be given a parking spot, in the closed area, to assist with deliveries.

There has been much thought by the Margate City Commission into decisions made to ensure the health and safety of Margate residents and visitors as well as the health and strength of our vibrant business community during the past 16 months.

While the immediate emergency has subsided and most of us yearn for it to be completely ended there are many people still reeling from loss, feeling the effects of lingering illness or facing a near future of rebuilding a business or finding a suitable job.

Richard Deaney, Business Administrator for Margate

Contact Mr Deaney for more details. 609-822-0432

17 thoughts on “Margate Readies for 90 Day, Essex Ave Shut Down for Private Business”

  1. Total B.S. The 3 Commissioners taking care of a local friend.

    Did Bocca get free PPP money? Did they get other Federal money?

    I was told that Lou bragged to everyone about how well they were doing. How well they did last summer.
    Give us a break and stop the crap!

    Since when does any city assist a business in making more money?

    Increase capacity by 30 % or more and increase revenues by the same with minimal cost.

    The owner says it is a dangerous intersection. His daughter stated that there are people getting hit by cars and traffic accidents.
    Prove it!

    This intersection is no less safe than any other street turning onto Ventnor Ave. B.S. reasons to make a good ole boy a big heftier in his pocket.

    This is the time of year that homeowners on Essex and all surrounding homeowners want to enjoy their homes with the quiet enjoyment they are entitled.

    Time for these Three Amigos to take care of Margate people. Not a personal friend at the expense of many.

  2. Yes, I agree with the above comments. Why is this the only business we should feel sorry for? What about the other restaurants? Didn’t they loose income? Give me a break. Just another LAMBERTI deal with a different motive.

  3. Am I reading this wrong are are the slime brigade once again screwing the citizens over. Looks like they are tying the service hours to general covid restrictions. I think they disappear this week,
    so music and booze till 2am will just fine
    Your welcome citizens

  4. Beverly leven

    Residents of Essex Ave should have their taxes reduced.
    Raise the taxes for Bocca. They’re using the street during busy season.

  5. Thought last summer was bad on Essex? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    More drunks. Trash everywhere. Live bands. Fights. Loud cursing at midnight. No security. Your bushes and driveway being used as bathrooms.

    Non-stop traffic and safety nightmare for 3 months.

    Enjoy your lovely summmer on Essex Ave in Margate.

    Bocca’s business is more important than your family vacation.

  6. Justthewayitis

    Now your seeing the first priority of local government: it’s always the business first.

    Call the police when the gas station attendant doesn’t give you the right change and insists you gave him a $20 when u have him a $50. Do u think the police will arrest the gas station attendant for theft or charge him?

    Now reverse it, and the gas station attendant calls the police and claims you only gave a $10 not a $20 as customer claims and still owes another $10. What do you think will happen ??

  7. If you’re unhappy with this illegal decision, fight back. Hit em where it hurts, money and power. Boycott BOCCA, and vote the politicians out of office!

  8. “Loo” – don’t give up your day job, the comedy routine and exaggeration is neither funny nor realistic.

  9. Essex Neighbor

    Bocca blocking Essex Ave for 3 months will dramatically slow emergency vehicle access to homes on that street.

    When every minute counts, police, fire or ambulance will be hampered and delayed when responding. All because a selfish business owner wants to make more money.

    Your family’s safety doesn’t matter. Only Bocca’s revenue matters.

    This is an unethical, likely illegal move by Mayor Becker and Margate Commissioners John Amodeo and Maury Blumberg. It’s also serious liability for the City of Margate and the private Bocca business.

    Public safety doesn’t matter in Margate. Only business profits for a private business.

    Shame on all involved in this foolish and unsafe action.

  10. Get the best attorney, get an injunction, and stop this local government tyranny.

    BOYCOTT BOCCA, then, get the 3 Amigos out.

    Margate being downgraded with 4 story homes, buildings like Lamberti’s destroying long existing views and total disdain for Essex homeowners.

    Why should a Margate driver have to make a U turn to exit their street?

    Essex residents should start a Go-Fund-Me page. It will work. Show them the people have POWER.

  11. What is Margate coming to? I am 72 years of age. My family would visit Margate for day trips at the beach. Oh! the memories.

    About 15 years ago, I was blessed that we could afford a house in Margate. Dream come true. Beach three blocks away, a feeling of a family oriented town, and of course, Lucy.

    Over these years, sad to say, I witnessed the small town feeling go away.

    It seems that local officials say, the bigger the better. They show no concern for residents. Sad but true.

  12. Bocca getting special treatment. Essex homeowners taking on risk in case of emergency.

    Many will boycott Bocca as a result of the special exemption being granted to them, to close Essex to through traffic, and have outdoor music and dining/drinking.

    This (street blockage) application was granted without ability of pubic to be heard.

    A self-inflicted wound that could have been avoided, or given a true/fair hearing before city officials.

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