Margate Requests High-Rise Condo Safety Inspections

Margate Requests High-Rise Condo Safety Inspections 1 Margate Requests High-Rise Condo Safety Inspections
Margate Beachfront

Margate recently sent letters to all high-rise condos requesting they do a complete structural analysis of their building.

Jim Galantino, the Margate Construction Official wants to determine if these residential structures are safe for occupants.


Margate Talks High Rise Inspections. Mar.16.2023

Solicitor Abbott asking if this is a state requirement. Are other towns doing it?

Greater focus on structure safety after June 2021 collapse of condos in Florida. Most recently (Feb 2023) a concrete balcony collapsed at the Spinnaker Condo in Sea Isle City, killing one man.

Sea Isle City Collapse.

Mandatory inspection of Margate high rises.

Code Enforcement Officer Galantino: every report I got back indicated good conditions. They only found a couple of conditions that require immediate attention: spalling and some hidden steel reinforcement corrosion issues.

For example: the Island House will do a $1.6 million dollar resurfacing after the summer. ‘They’re putting money back into these buildings’ says Galantino.

High rises have some work to do.

Margate Code Enforcement

Structural damage underneath Champlain Towers South in Florida was flagged years before the Miami-area condo collapsed. Salty air and sea levels could have contributed to the erosion of the building’s foundation as well.

16 Days Before Surfside Collapse – Warning Signs Were There.


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