Margate Resident Feedback: School Budgets and Declining Enrollment

margate school

Margate ponders the need for two schools in a town with declining, full-time residency. Listen to resident feedback from recent Margate Commissioner meetings.

Some highlighted comments from the audio clips below:

  • MARGATE SCHOOL BUDGET  $13.5 mil per year. That’s 1/3 of entire city budget.
  • ISIS commander grew up in Margate. Zulfi Hoxha graduated from AC High School in 2010.
  • What happens down shore when no one is looking? $88k median salary for Margate teachers
  • Margate board accused of inefficiency. Accusations of Patronage & Nepotism.
  • Eliminate one of 2 schools (Tighe School is getting too old & expensive to maintain) 14 kids per classroom at Tighe. 3rd floor of (more modern) ROSS (17 yrs old) would be fine.
  • Enrollment down as budget is up. Avg cost per pupil: $32,000
  • No need to fill position of recently retired Superintendent. Instead, use one of the principle as super & administrator.
  • Full-time senior residents not able to handle tax increase, even as ratables increase.
  • The need for more shared services (including fire & school) with Ventnor


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