Margate Resident Questions Use of $30 Million in New Tax Ratables

LISTEN TO PODCAST > No tax increase?  Hmmm. Doesn’t sound kosher to Margate resident, John Sewell, as he spoke on Thursday night at the Margate Commissioners meeting. What’s going on with all those new monies pouring into Margate City coffers? What about that grant money for back-bay dredging?

What’s happening to $30-$35 million of new dollars coming online, year after year?

Wow. All these new ratables from new construction and higher assessments. How are we using that sizable reserve?

Keeping Margate taxes flat sounds good, but it could be misleading.


Public comments: Margate schools fail in all 7 indicators of efficiency. Poor choice of school board members?

  • 3 kindergarten classes as student enrollment plummets. That number is down to about 330 students.
  • Two half empty schools.
  • Margate needs to merge more services, like education, with Ventnor.
  • Margate should be a sending district like Longport.

Can Margate sell section of street to residents? Kinda like that deal with developer?

Amherst Parking Problems: Solicitor Abbott read a letter dated July 3, 2018, from the atty representing the Harbor Vista Homeowners Assoc. Laughter erupted.


Margate resident, Ed Berger, not happy about Amherst Ave. giveaway to developer. Seems like Ed & his neighbors want the same deal as developer. They want to acquire some street space. Maybe the city is open to that kind of stuff?…. asks Berger.

Berger: Why were parking requirements waived? Why would Margate have land transferred to developer? No safety survey conducted. Handled improperly. Residents feel City put ‘ratables’ before residents.’


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