Margate Resident Warns Mayor About Intersection Death Trap

Margate Public Safety
Amodeo, Becker, Blumberg

Margate needs safer streets and intersections, says a resident during the May 19 Commission meeting.

We need 4-way stop signs, especially at intersections next to the playground. Winchester & Benson, Winchester and Decatur.

Hate to say it, but it’s an accident waiting to happen. A death trap.


These streets handle higher than normal levels of municipal vehicle traffic.

Mayor Becker is already aware of this public safety issue.

Winchester Speedway; drivers avoid stop-n-go of Ventnor Ave.

A Margate resident described a close call he witnessed recently. A young mother pushing a baby carriage across the street. Almost a disaster. Averted at the last second.

After 3 minutes passed, Mayor Becker dispatched the public safety request to Margate Police Chief Hankinson.

Margate Public Safety Commisioner John Amodeo had no comment.

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11 thoughts on “Margate Resident Warns Mayor About Intersection Death Trap”

  1. As a local, Lagoon and Huntington has a 3-way stop. In my experience from walking our dog 3 to 4 times a day, easily 80% of drivers blow through the signs.

    Some slow down as if it’s a yield, but the majority don’t even do that.

    There are many walkers, kids on bikes and dogs. One day, something bad will happen.

    Lagoon is heavily used as a shortcut to the bridge. Few observe the speed limit.

    Stop signs seem meaningless these days. The only solution, in my humble opinion, is speed bumps.

  2. Totally agree with the need to curtail the speeds and help control things better on Winchester. Another issue making this worse is the people who rudely (and illegally) park way too close to the intersections and make visibility even worse. Perhaps parking enforcement (tickets) would help in concert with other steps suggested.

  3. Rosemary Giacobbo

    You should consider making streets one way. Every Household has more than one car and the streets can’t handle all the traffic.

    1. That makes absolutely zero sense, Rosemary. That wouldn’t change anything. It would just take the existing traffic and have it flow on 1/2 as many streets each way. Doesn’t address the number of cars, the speeds or the bad intersections.

    2. Huh? What your proposing doesn’t address the speeds, or the bad behaviors. It just takes the same number of total cars and puts them onto fewer roads in each direction.

    3. How would making streets one-way affect the speed of the drivers, and the not stopping at stop signs? Answer – It won’t. It would simply put 2x the number of cars on each one-way street. It’s just math.

        1. You have 100 cars as an example on a 2 way street. You convert the two way street into 2 one way streets instead. It’s the same 100 cars over the 2 streets instead of one. Yes, it’s math. #smart

  4. Agree, esp with Winchester. Cars truly fly down the entire length of the road at the speed of light. I almost got wacked last summer, it was truly breath taking- and not in a good way!!

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