Margate Residents Question $850K in Public Funds for Private Fishing Pier

Margate Fishing Pier
Margate Fishing Pier

Comments rolling in from those questioning the $850,000 in public funds, earmarked for the private, Margate Fishing Pier.

NJ DEP’s David Rosenblatt confirmed that the proposed pier extension will not be ADA compliant. ( Americans with Disabilities Act )

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Margate Fishing Pier Comments.

  • John C. Penman: If public funds are going to be used to make improvements to the pier then the public should have access to that pier.
  • Jay Weintraub: The public will have a 10’ x 7’ space for the public to enjoy . Do you think we are entitled to more? It is grant money so the entire state is chipping in.
  • Kent Fedoroff The fishing club should be able to limit access as long as they can pay for the pier. Once they take $800K in tax dollars, the pier should become open to the public.
  • Linda Hoffman Kent Fedoroff yes… Public Access has always been stolen from the “public” in NJ. No one stands up for it either
  • Denise Bonner: Who’s in this FISHING CLUB? How much to join and is there open enrollment? Sounds very fishy to me!
  • Jay Weintraub: This is State of NJ funds to benefit a private enterprise.
  • Linda Hoffman: There is SUPPOSED to be Public Access along certain areas of the Amherst Ave Bay area as well and it goes totally ignored by the City of Margate (i.e. Lambertis for one that I know of).
  • Evelyn Pino: I would think we all should belong to this “Fishing Club” if it is on Margate property.
  • Frank Cavallaro: At the end of the day, it makes sense to me to extend the pier however, to then NOT allow the public access is insane and goes against what public funds are intended to be used. The officials of Margate say (incorrectly) that the pier is using Green Acres funds and tax payer money just like Ventnor did and does and there is no difference…. BUT… there is a significant difference. Ventnor allows the public access to fish via a small daily access fee ($5.00). At the very minimum, the public should demand that fishing access be provided to the general public since general public funds paid to build and now maintain the pier.
  • John C. Penman: Green Acres Funds is taxpayer money and so are whatever funds Margate chooses to provide. Whatever Ventnor did or didn’t do is not germane. If the Margate Pier uses taxpayers funds from any government account then the taxpayers should have full access to the pier. If the club members of the pier don’t like that then they are free to go to a private lending institution for their funding.


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  1. Dante Castellani

    It is very possible that the Margate pier could be ADA compliant. There is a ramp to access the pier from Exeter Avenue. However, that ramp leads to a (private locked) gate which is only accessible to pier members. If the pier members would consider opening the gate, I would assume that the pier could then be ADA compliant…

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