Margate School Budget OK’s $30,000 Cost Per Student

Those in charge of Margate school finances approved a substantial $12,763,571 budget on Thursday, March 28.

While most applaud the quality of education offered to Margate kids, the $30,000 cost to teach each child is still among the highest in the State of NJ.

The Margate School superintendent is Thomas Baruffi .

Tighe Middle School, Ross Elementary School.

Margate student enrollment has slipped to 354 students in 2018, down from 367 in 2017.

Only 3 full time positions have been eliminated in the new budget. Three full-time positions have been reduced to part-time.

Mayor Michael Becker highlighted the annual reduction in student enrollment. That trend will continue. Declining enrollment is common in Jersey shore towns.

Commissioner John Amodeo admits that young families are not moving to Margate as originally hoped for. That’s due to the rising cost of real estate and the reduction of full-time, year round residency. It’s gets awfully quiet in the off-season in Margate.

Margate may consider school consolidation next year. But don’t count on it, say those following the action. Too much nepotism and 6 figure salaries in the school district.

Other schools, like Brigantine, with well over 500 students, have already decided to combine schools due to enrollment decline. Loss of State aid also played a role in that decision.

Some suggest Margate needs to dip below 300 students in order to consolidate.

Would the Margate school district consider accepting tuition students?

Blumberg believes eight kids in a class might be too small. Why not bump that number to 15?

Blumberg & Baruufi believe attrition is the best way to reduce the school budget. Attrition is where you don’t replace those who retire. That could take a long time to reduce workforce.

Residents have noted that the Margate school district still doesn’t record and post audio from it’s meetings. (like commissioners and planning board already do)


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