Margate School Enrollment Slips Faster. Merge Students with Ventnor?

margate school
Margate School District

Margate has been more aggressive at addressing declining enrollment and possible school consolidation. According to ShoreNewsToday, projected enrollment was 352 students as of July 1, down from 400 actual students on June 1.

  • Tighe Middle School graduated 59 eighth graders in June.
  • The district enrolled 26 kindergarteners at Ross Elementary School.

Shore News Today: Some have suggested the the Margate School district consider accepting tuition students until the board can come up with a plan for consolidation.

The Margate population is trending down.

Why are full-time resident numbers on the decline? Families are selling their homes and cashing out. There’s a healthy demand for Jersey Shore vacation homes. Some homes get torn-down and get replaced by so-called McMansions.

With declining student population, will Margate be forced to merge with another school district? That would require voter referendums. Will Margate merge  schools (gasp!) with Ventnor? That’s certainly a possibility.

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