Margate School Superintendent Baruffi Considers Consolidation


City Commissioners requested wanted an update on the Margate School District. Are we on the right track with our schools?

On Feb. 20, members of the Margate Board of Education were in attendance to watch Superintendent Baruffi address Mayor Becker and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg.

Note: Mayor Becker has sole authority to appoint Margate School Board members.

According to his presentation, Dr. Baruffi is comfortable with following a Margate Long Range Facilities Plan (LFRP) from March of 2012. Listen below >

According to NJ Dept of Education, school districts are required to amend their LRFP at least once every five years. See New Jersey Department of Education


Margate sliding slowly toward that magic number of 300 total students. A quantity that should, finally, consolidate it’s two half-empty schools.

Lotta pressure coming from NJ Senator Steve Sweeney and the State of NJ. Geez. Six hundred school districts in New Jersey. Really? Watch for that number to get cut in half.

If half of all NJ elementary schools get merged or eliminated, those affected would include Margate, Ventnor and Brigantine.

Which Margate school should we keep? Which one should be shuttered?

Baruffi: Ross School has lack of off-street parking, lack of proper gym and recreation fields.

At this point, Baruffi seems to prefer funneling all students into Tighe School. Better facilities. For future growth, Baruffi ponders ability to build 2nd floor over wings. ‘More sensible’ for Tighe, says Baruffi.

Another question remains. What to do with the empty school building left behind after consolidation?

Margate’s total cost-per-pupil is over $30,000 annually.

Note: Out-of-district tuition students have propped up enrollment a bit. Margate placing limits on admittance though. Substantial demand for kindergarten.

Study showed that by 2022, approx 305 students will be enrolled in the Margate School District.

About Margate School District

Margate City District pupils are housed in two separate facilities: the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School constructed in 1956, and the William H. Ross III Elementary School constructed in 2000.

In 1999, a $24mil addition & renovation project as well as new school construction.

Elementary school houses the district administrative offices and grades K-4. Middle school, which houses grades 5-8.

Overall responsibility for the education of the K-8 children within the City of Margate lies with the district’s Board of Education, composed of seven members, appointed by the mayor for staggered terms of three years. 

Board and District Administration and Staf

Board of Education Members (Expiration of Term)

  • Catherine Horn, President (2020)
  • Tracy Santoro, Vice President (2020)
  • Joel Frankel (2022)
  • Jim Swift, Esq. (2021)
  • Jack Sorensen (2022)
  • Amy Brog (2021)
  • Joseph Pepe (2021)

Dr. Thomas Baruffi , [email protected] Superintendent of Margate Schools; Director of Special Projects & Grants; Director of the Dominick A. Potena Performing Arts Center

Teresa Osborne[email protected] Human Resources and Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools

Jennifer Germana[email protected] Board Secretary and School Business Administrator

Mrs. Audrey Becker[email protected]
Principal – Ross Elementary School; Director of Curriculum, Assessment, Technology

Carol Gitto, Secretary; Secretary of Special Education

Mr. Ryan Gaskill, rg[email protected]
Principal – Tighe Middle School; Director of Special Education

Cyndie Eastman, Secretary

Mrs. Laureen Cohen, [email protected]                                                         Supervisor of Instruction

Catherine Horn,[email protected]
President Margate City Board of Education

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  1. How is it cost effective to abandon a school built in 1990? That’s crazy. I’m talking about Ross. Probably didn’t even get out investment out of it.

    But I bet they’ll get a good chunk of money from the home developer it will likely be sold to…….

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