See Pics > Press Conference. Anti-Dune Margate Flanked by Pro-Dune Ventnor & Longport

SEE DUNES PRESS CONFERENCE PICS >> Ventnor Mayor Bagnell and Longport Mayor Russo held a cold & damp press conference this morning on the boardwalk at Oxford Ave. This particular location was picked due to it’s historic significance: it was destroyed in the storm of 1944. Photos of that period were shared with those in attendance.

Both mayors expressed their concern about Margate’s fight to stop the dunes project. Both feel it would put Ventnor and Longport at risk in future storms. 

Margate appears in federal court on Thursday, Jan.15 to continue their battle to prevent the state from building dunes there.

According to the Downbeach Current: Mayor Russo of Longport said: ‘we have no problem with Margate’s position, we’re just concerned about how this will affect adjacent communities.

Bagnell is concerned about the south end of Ventnor, near Longport. It’s vulnerable to bigger storms that could batter that portion of our boardwalk. 

Margate Mayor Michael Becker is in favor of protecting the shoreline, but NJ is not too keen on negotiating alternatives that some in Margate would prefer.

The City of Margate has filed a lawsuit against the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in federal court.



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